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Robs big fans of the food network chop is one of his favorite shows so they giving you know they give you a basket and you have the identical gradients and we gave you if i gave three baskets too you guys with identical ingredients and said make from this they taste similar or would you guys be able to put your own spin on it without adding a whole bunch of different other stuff does that does that make sense mass not does i could tell you right now i would brew the same beer time okay why do you watch chopped enough you realize the basket like oh they're gonna make this this and this and they all do but i mean without without you know you're only limited to what your has much creativity is what you have i mean obviously we see crazy stuff we talked on the last episode that our people dock street use goat brains to make to make it beer so you're only sam sam once again they had those beans that you choose up and spit into a pot and they made beer how that's some crazy stuff but if you got the same basic ingredients i would expect that your beers 'cause you guys are really good turn out close yeah i mean it depends now now the other party quesion is is your system right like to me i mean the biggest bang for the buck i've gotten is temperature control for fermentation and i would i would bet that anyone who doesn't have good temperature control for fermentation their beers would taste maybe a little bit different okay unless yeah i mean i think they would what do you think i think they would all be similar you got the same greens as long as you doing the same mash temperature to same boil time hop additions at the same time if there's any adjuncts ed in the jokes at the same time preparing the adjuncts to same way at the beginning also you know how if you put in coughing and in how are you putting coffee in it are you cold pressing that coffee i how long are you co press and how much are you adding so same ingredients everything the same it should be similar cheeseburgers i know that you guys can't believe this bad foods a lot of time get a cheese.

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