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We Get the McCullers program moving here on the Patriot. I found one on 1.5 and am 1400. I had a great time yesterday I had an opportunity to go and visit. Felix crews and the whole staff over Cruz hearing. And I always enjoy that. And I had a a thing that needed to be. It was a maintenance thing that needed to be done with my hearing AIDS, and so I had an opportunity to sit down with the folks and have them explained some things about hearing correction that I didn't know. And I got to meet some of the people who were coming in for their first appointment. By the way, none of them wanted to be there. They just don't nobody who comes in for their first appointment. Wants to really be there. Eventually a person's concern. Turns to the rest of the family, and they actually decide. Yeah, I'd better do this. Better do this for the sake of the family. Folks when they do it. They are so pleased that they did. I know I wass And I know that you will be too. Because it's something I can't explain it. Until it actually happens to you. Which will be so glad you visited cruise hearing. Surprise yourself. And maybe a loved one. Just get it done. Make that phone call. 877456 Crews 8774562789 877456 Crews Please tell him During your first appointment. And it was John McCulloch, who sent you now on time. Traffic.

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