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The way they were acting if one bay area state senator gets his way you could lose our driver's license for driving after smoking kcbs as curtis kim says san mateo state senator jerry hill is proposing a new deal why law that covers marijuana the democrat lives abalkhail shares with the new recreational marijuana laws now in effect anyone under twenty one driving while pot impaired should lose his license they wanted consistency between alcohol and marijuana use cannabis use for for minors especially s twelve 73 targets drivers under21 who test positive for the main chemical ingredient in pot by using a swab test in order for up to saliva test or any other chemical field test uh that would act in the same way as with alcohol and you would uh uh their licence could be suspended he'll miss the chb does not have a steal device to measure marijuana impairment but he says and obviously does have the authority to suspend a license on the roadside in san francisco kurdistan kcbs meanwhile alameda county is in the process as overturning thousands of marijuana convictions kcbs reported by butlers that's anyone who wants their case fasttrack can contact the da 'nother marijuana is league goal district attorneys can dismiss old convictions for some it's still is a barrier to them getting a job it's a barrier to them getting some benefit see perhaps even in social security things like that the amounts he o'malley has already done six hundred during nearly six thousand more cases of possession sale and or distribution we've just systematically run our database of every conviction of any of those types of crimes and were going through them one by one to get have the court dismissed them who are going through the old case file dating back to 1973 if fewer convicted of a marijuana crime in alameda county let us know get in touch with us you can call the office or email cannibus dismissal at ec gove dot org in oakland but butler kcbs the days of a controversial staff you in san francisco civic center plaza appear to be numbered.

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