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Desperate housewives star Felicity Huffman sentenced in the college admissions scandal fourteen days in prison that's the sentence handed down to desperate housewives actress Felicity Huffman for paying a fifty thousand dollar bribe in order to have a proctor correct answers on her daughter's estate he exam after that to happen one two ordered fifty hours of community service and pay a thirty thousand dollar fine correspondent Steve Hansen brown new tonight a strike possible this weekend at General Motors leaders of the United auto workers union have extended contract with Ford fiat Chrysler indefinitely but the pack with General Motors is still set to expire Saturday night the move puts added pressure on bargainers for both sides as they approach the contract deadline in the union readies for a strike it's possible the existing for your GM contract also could be extended or a deal could be reached but it's more likely that nearly fifty thousand UAW members could walk out of GM plants as early as Sunday because union and company demands are so far apart I'm Joe Ramsey retail sales inching higher according to the commerce department retail sales rose four tenths of a percent in August driven by strong demand for vehicles and a surgeon online buying but that is half the rate of the month before and there are signs consumers have become more cautious and U. S. businesses have cut back on their investment and expansion plans because of the ongoing trade war with China correspondent in Kate's checking your money tonight the Dow finished the day up thirty seven points the S. and P. five hundred down to the nasdaq down eighteen the first class of Montgomery County sports hall of fame is being installed tonight you've seen many of them with your own eyes from swimmer Katie Ledecky to Janice Dominique Dawes and Redskins cornerback Shawn springs but there's one great most of you never saw posthumously Walter Johnson is getting inducted and that he was a long long time every county residents so it's we're really excited about this class that's all the same board member Joe yeah sure off Johnson was not only a hall of fame pitcher for the senators he was also a Montgomery County councilman other inductees include soccer star Bruce Murray and legendary local high school football coach Bob. oy John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com red skins and cowboys square off on Sunday but the list of those not playing is continuing to grow old his head coach Jay Gruden alchemy Alaniz Brantley foot McCoy fibula read concussion. a question would be Dunbar doubtful be Moreau ankle and then Geisel be house will kick off Sunday and one our coverage starts at noon lawmakers investigating some of the major tech companies demanding more information the house Judiciary Committee and one of its subcommittees sent letters to Facebook Google Amazon and apple asking for a wide range of documents it's part of the ongoing anti trust investigation of the companies committee chairman Gerald Nadler said the documents will help the committee understand if the companies are using their market power in ways that have harmed consumers and competition and how Congress should respond a couple of months ago executives of the four companies deny their monopolies pointing out waste they compete against rivals but the head of one house subcommittee didn't like what he heard calling their answers evasive and asking for more information jury bowed lander washing WMAL traffic and weather next. Amazon.

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