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HD to clear water W. two six five C. demand that point W. two thirty three AV Gulfport W. two nine zero BJ west good afternoon until it's vague Sarasota police say a man gave his twenty three year old girlfriend who was nine months pregnant then know that led to her death and the death of her unborn son we say when they arrive twenty three year old Casey swore it was of Sarasota was pacing the room and saying quote he had gone too far I mean to keep it as a friend of the victim and tells news channel eight she was trying to get into the house to see her friend was okay when minutes later I sing and bring her out on a stretcher and I when I looked at her I just I knew it was bad so what is charged with two counts of manslaughter is being held on one million dollars bond a man a research is forgotten cemeteries believes he has found more possible locations in Tampa re re told county commissioners yesterday that remains of thousands of African Americans buried in segregated cemeteries could lie along Hillsboro Avenue and twenty second street that will put the bodies near the tax collector's office and the post office yes means there could be up to five thousand bodies buried there topping the nation more than seven hundred and ninety six thousand Floridians have chosen health plans on the federal health insurance exchange as of Saturday according to the federal centers for Medicare and Medicaid services nationally more than two point eight million people had enrolled in plans for the first time on or actually renew coverage at a stranger open enrollment period starting November first he won't Kerry continues until December fifteenth for coverage that will start on January first and wouldn't mothers against drunk driving is holding its annual candlelight vigil for victims and survivors of do you why crashes tonight in temple terrace regional director Larry Kaghan says the vigil here it is the oldest in the nation it started with Matt arrive in Tampa in nineteen eighty four right Sir digital celebrates for thirty five years that we have been in existence here in the Tampa Bay area Matt nationally celebrate fortieth birthday next year weather traffic are next on news radio WFLA I feel it's Vega this is a Bloomberg market minute stocks are fluctuating as investors try to figure out what the U. S. will do regarding a hike in tariffs on Chinese goods that scheduled for December fifteenth Chinese officials say they are in close contact with U. S. counterparts on a glaciations and president trump says discussions with China are going very well but investors are not so sure the S. and P. five hundred to struggle to find direction as a slide in defense of shares offset gains in technology and raw material companies the S. and P. is down three points the Dow industrials are down fifty seven points about one fifth of one percent at twenty seven thousand five ninety two the nasdaq down thirteen points at eighty five fifty three treasuries fell after data showed US jobless claims slid to a seven month low signaling resilience in the labor market ahead of tomorrow's monthly jobs report the dollar slipped oil god whipsawed as OPEC ministers gathered to discuss output cuts John Metaxas Bloomberg radio holiday traditions are alive and well inside every home depot and right now outside as well with a lot full of fresh cut Christmas trees of every size.

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