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There had to find a way to be the boss being command and for me. You know what it came down to kent. Whoever was going to be in command was going to be a commandment to and that's to me. That's it that was the fight. I'm gonna go further. But for me. I don't i don't be as somebody if it's you know it's one thing i don't try to go somewhere else making something that's more interesting more. No it stat. Whatever it is for me. It was who's going to control the jet that that one night and strictly controlled the jab. Now to the credit where i disagree with you. A little bit was what way traffic except the second round the second round hole a run. He made a run to get back into the fight and he might have even one that second round to be honest he made him one. But i'd find out for me And it was all one way. Traffic bed strickland. Shoulders worth chilled. Why was the favorite. So why people take so much a out there. In a ufc world in mma will where they took control but he took a four with the he did his. I like to say he's set the table jeb eating that he ate with the right at. That's what he was looking at. That was that was his. That was his mo that was that was his plan. You could see it wasn't complex was going to set the table to great with the right hand. What i eat and and he did he. He had a nice steph accurate hawed jam and the difference for me was where whole came up short way a homemade homemade a bit of a mistake was holding us holding music jam. His jab was a little long hauls and he should've found the to take control with his job. He should have found because they're gonna come down to who controls the jeb as good a good troll the night. That's what was going come down to. And he added shot there. Let's say he would have won. The other guy showed his worth sterkel. Show to be the the destroyer guy the more complete guide. You will Where he could have an edge if they went to the floor. Ed used that edge by just getting into the right position not even avenue to go to the mat but getting up against getting hold up against the defense the the cage if you will What he way he could have control it. Kinda did with dc the great daniel kobe and all those commentators with great would talk about what he talked about. Kate space who gets see. I talk about geography. He talks about safety all the same cage face. Who gets the right cage space that they need and for me. It's geography but it about like i said save it amounts to it amounts of the same day and what it came down to. There was not understanding holding understand about distance where he had a little longer jab. He needed to throw his have for maybe four inches maybe three inches further back. Eddie he might have had a chance. He did it in spots and he landed but wasn't enough. It wasn't enough. He allowed again cage space geography. Whatever makes you comfortable baby. But he allowed strictly to get his the distance where he could jab for the proper distance and be the boss where all did never got wondering accommodate commentators. Who i again. I applaud them. I can't remember what it was busy. Paying was to shelter. Yes felt he does a great job to and then and then the blow-by-blow. Guy friend in brendan fitzgerald. Yeah they're all very good. But one of mehta said something right along what i was thinking about and i was tweeting about. My man. Rob was getting those tweets. Baby you know where where they mentioned. He's having trouble. He being whole with this fits and that's what they meant for me was. He was jabber for the right distance again. He had long rum's if.

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