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This report an multiculture you women of color no i mean multicultural and that was my first fight the second fight was um as i hustle to get this establish what one client said to me a very well meaning guy a good for now okay when did this sounds great but what a three hundred and fifty women going to do in the desert by the child without men at this conference you're dinosaur already and i mean i just my hair was automatically settled by and i thought to myself will show you what we're gonna do 'cause my first one was in palm desert and he at the time could not path of three hundred fifty women getting together that didn't belong maybe to us worthy or church group or social organisation doing business that way multicultural women with each other and so the hustle for this was always this is my dream i'm gonna do it and i'm gonna hustle it through corporate sponsorships registrations and likeminded women helping me around the country and and that's how i did it now what you're describing was that your first ever odyssey network experience because will touch on that in a bit but it that first gathering yes so the the hustle the side hustle came in near because i was running a com call center for medicare so the second or third business i had i've had some meaning kerry meme but uh i had a business call health telomere mentioned it system and while that business was going on.

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