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NHL, K. F., Commissioner discussed on Bill Handel


Jury members were improperly excused after expressing hesitancy about the death penalty Peterson's on death row at San Quentin let's take a look at a wreck on the two ten I work in a template you know on the P. ten eastbound before del Rosa it's a solo car crash this car apparently hit the center divider pretty hard to the left lane is blocked because of injuries involved the traffic start to begin not to stop right around Waterman Avenue in corona just some slow traffic on the ninety one westbound between auto center in Green River right now okay by this guy sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff thought look at Santa Monica freeway was pretty good drive actually leaving downtown Los Angeles even UCLA proof of one ten all the way out to west LA table slows up the heads up don't take it for granted but pretty easy drive all the way out that would come out of the city of Santa Monica talking about peace and quiet that's where it is right now let's keep it that way for sure and the only close out does that still in place is on the ownership right at Colorado which closed in both directions there it has been for quite some time is about a block on each side but other than that I really didn't see anything close that Santa Monica keep tabs on for you the McCord tunnel is open connected Pacific coast highway with the Santa Monica freeway California client open all that be careful majored in an accident this is super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Fogg KFI in the sky okay fine this guy helps get to there faster I'm robin banks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is issue changes it will require teams to train only at their own facilities this will affect for example the rams usual custom of having some of their camp at UC Irvine the NHL is the first major sports league in North America have a return plan and now comes word that one party resumes all players will be tested for the cold virus every day the league estimates they're going to need between thirty and thirty five thousand tests to get through the rest of the season at a cost of about a hundred twenty five Bucks attacks I'm a redneck K. F. I. sports balance of nature.

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