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Course, used to be Arnie, then he was subjected to cartesian doubt became Carney. And then he was subjected to an infestation of skunks. And now he's just full of squirrels has been for months. It's an ongoing problem, but of noticed some of these squirrels infesting Carney, while they used to be more of a of a nuisance crawling throughout his gears and pulling out wires and stuff. Now, I think they have taken on a kind of a sacred or holy, or I'm not sure what's changed about them. Well, you know, I feel like our episodes on squirrels kind of had this effect on a lot of people. They transformed the lowly squirrel the profane, squirrel into something of a sacred, squirrel. That was that was my experience. The sacred cannibal. Yeah. Yeah. Because I before being of the king of the rats. Yeah. Get it on a shirt at our. T shirt store, but before I liked squirrels. Okay. I guess, you know, I watched them, but I would also like chase them away from the bird feeder, and all, but after our episodes, I like I really began to respect squirrel, so much more. I would stop chasing them. I am now feed them every day. I feed them meal, worms sort of an offering to them. And I just love watching them scamper around and eat their meal worms and drink from the bird. Feeder, I'm just I'm all in on squirrels. You say that until they turn on you, well, as long as I keep the meal worms, I think I'm okay, but before we get into the, the proper listener mail, I do want to address the squirrels on Carney, and I wanna share with everybody, a sacred tradition of the squirrel that I neglected to mention in previous episodes, and it concerns, the Indian palm squirrel or three striped apartment palm squirrel of south India in three Lanka. This is a funny. Powell Marham and in Hindu traditions, the poem squirrel is associated with Rama now Rama some of you may already be familiar as the, the seventh avatar Vishnu and the title character of the epic Ramayana in this story of the raw Miana Rama's wife Sita is kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and take into the island of Lunka. So what he does. He wants to get Sita back. So as symbols his forces and his allies in order to defeat Ravana and bring her home, which, of course means traveling to Lunka, which is modern day Sri Lanka, so he has to March, the Nahra, Abe army across this, this vast body of water, so they need a bridge, so they build one in the form of the Rama set to. Okay. So the cool thing about the Rama set to is that it actually exists in the form of a chain of limestone shoals spread between the Indian subcontinent. And sri. Lanka also known as Adam's bridge. But it's it's not to have once been a geological land bridge us. Oh, perhaps, maybe if sea levels were lower something, it could be revealed or if the limestone is just higher for some reason. Yeah, I love to come back and do an episode on land bridges, because obviously, they play an important role in the movement of species, including home safely. But in this myth involves the movement of an ape army. By the way, I, I mentioned, there's also known as Adam's bridge, and I mentioned, a lot of you might think, well, that's probably coming from western interpretations. Right. But it's actually Adam from I man of right Genesis. And that is who it's referring to. But according to what I was looking at it's actually linked to his law. Mc traditions. Oh, and more importantly, linked to the along in mountain Adam's peak, which is a sacred mountain and Hinduism Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, and it said to be the footprint of either Sheva, the Hindu God or Adam or Saint Thomas in Christian in, in Islam traditions, anyway, according to Hindu traditions, though, this land bridge..

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