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Y. A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. all the the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station listen anywhere on I heart radio this is a fox news alert hurricane Barry creeps closer to the Gulf coast I'm him who sailed with sustained winds of seventy five miles per hour Barry is a category one storm threatening millions of people with relentless rain and storm surge prolonged rain flooding very dangerous situation hundred miles or so away a hundred fifty miles away from the center you're still getting that that flooding rain can Graham is the director of the national hurricane center this man lives in baton Rouge Louisiana with the this severe weather all the time every years same thing will hurricane hit us will not hit us and how bad we get rain and how how strong with the wind speeds so some of the part of daily life here in south Louisiana neighboring Mississippi also getting battered it is the rain that troubles us in particular as it moves up the Mississippi River to the Mississippi Delta the edge back water has been on war since worry about five hundred forty thousand acres have been flooded since then and they will receive another perhaps a six to twelve inches governor Phil Bryant president trump already declaring a Federal Emergency for Louisiana the trump administration is keenly aware of the risks associated with this storm the city of New Orleans in particular is of concern due to its low elevation and susceptibility to flooding secretary of health and Human Services ETS are has now also declared a state wide public health emergency in anticipation of berries aftermath fox's Gillian Turner in Washington the frontrunner.

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