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What why would you name it. This dow nipple sales this. Why would you name it. Does that is so. That is so weird. Dow sixty nine savon and he. I don't even want to know what they name. The hair. the kids haircut place. I have been well. Jesus investigators say august august. Twelve troopers were Processing met sports separate isn't it when he admitted to breaking into business so he was like. Listen why you need to do this twice. Let's wrap this. I was in sales. Okay it was me. You caught me red-handed. I reportedly talked troopers. They broke into the business because he's looking for his daughter in the business all by his ex mother in law to say matt admitted to remove an air conditioner in order to gain entry. He open things to look for daughter. Trust maybe she not going to be able to us. Investigators later interviewed. The owner biz confirmed that she retiring later that day august to find a window. Open air conditioner broken. Mets was rained. twenty five thousand dollars. Bail is scheduled for september. Eighth can guess the race of mr joseph mets..

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