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Doesn't seem to be that big of a fine fifty dollars to start with yeah I think a lot of parents would pay it and just say you know you've got to stop this this is proposed by the headed the school district there who's teaming up with city leaders say believe that getting the financial attention appearance is the way to go. sometimes that's just what it takes that nothing else gets the parents attention and sell it finally hit sound in a way where they think twice. days ten to eleven AM and two to three PM on news radio kale BJ. the Lutheran hour bringing Christ to the nation's. the book of genesis tells how we became fallen creatures in a fallen world struggling under a curse however Dr Michael Ziglar says thank god the story doesn't end with a hefty. Jesus became one of us and he suffered under the curse that's what was happening when he was crucified it wasn't the the mac in nations of the Roman Empire it was the ancient curse of god falling upon the son of god. suggest titled the dream is alive..

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