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Hey there, I'm Lindsay aren't and this is players conversations with country music artists about their interest in sports, and I am so excited to bring you this episode because it was so much fun to be in a room with these two guys. And this is the first time on this podcast that I've been able to sit down and artists with an athlete in the same room in what I saw come out of that room. It was magic to be in that conversation because there was so much that these two gentlemen had in common. It was Christly and Thomas Davis Chris lane country star on the rise one of his hits. I don't know about you. It's phenomenal song. I love it. He's going to be on tour starting in March with Dan shea. But he's also joining Brad Paisley's tour opening for him for his summer tour. Thomas Davis is the Panthers linebacker, and he is a pro bowler. He's played in two Super Bowls one of them. His arm was barely attached to his body. And he tells that story it was phenomenally interesting, but Thomas Davis now finds himself in an interesting position because he is a free agent in the NFL. And I appreciate his honesty when talking about that situation because it was when he did not expect. But what I found here is these to their friends they've known each other. I didn't know just how deep their bond was what I did know was that Thomas Davis post stuff on Instagram of his interest in liking Chris lane. And he's even sung his songs there when he's been with his family on vacation. And then he posts them Chris lane though is a diehard Carolina Panthers fan. So when he walked in the room in Thomas Davis was there. I thought for a moment that he might pass out, and it was such an awesome reaction. Because when I go in there, I think okay, Chris lane superstar, you know, and to see him gig out over somebody like that. It was really fascinating. And it was I opening and the stories that these two shared you have to hear from the fact that they both have they have five ACL surgeries between them which I think is insane. Also, the fact that sports was really at the start of both of their careers before Chris lane took a pivot to music, so many fun things to talk about. So. Many times that we were laughing until we could barely breathe. But also, you know, I appreciate them both getting very candid Chris lane talking about, you know, some of the things that he has realized his career in music and Thomas Davis talking about how this is the most potentially depressing turned motivating experience he's ever been in his an NFL player because for the first time he goes into free agency. He does not know where he will end up and he feels a little bit slighted by the Carolina Panthers. So I hope you enjoy this honesty and the fun conversation. We had as much as I did I'm beginning this one with Chris lane describing how these two met one another in the first place. I hope you enjoy. We I actually met randomly. I was in Greenville South Carolina playing in a golf tournament like the BMW. I think is what it was. And I think we'd been talking back and forth to flow through Instagram a little bit, and he had a golf tournament for his charity that he was doing on that Sunday. And I randomly was available..

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