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The short video platform tiktok was already a big hit before the pandemic but since so many people have been stuck at home since march a lot. More people are discovering it and even though tiktok is in the news for its new. Ceo kevin meyer. Who was poached from disney and for record labels who think the service should pay more to publishers and artists for using their songs and for actual calls to ban it in the us over its chinese ownership and security and privacy fears. Well people like marketplace own. Hey super alvarado are finding that in quarantine. It's just kind of fun. More than three hundred million people downloaded tiktok in the first quarter of this year. That's fifty percent more than last quarter and total two billion downloads. Laura pearson a student at usc who happens to be my roommate started hearing huge buzz about tiktok ride before her spring break. Her friends were sending her lots of links sketches and dance videos. So she downloaded the out thinking. Yeah nice easy way to kill some quarantine time. It's like this cute little app. You can record videos. She started to spend more and more time on tiktok when she wasn't zooming into her classes soon enough. She started producing. She recruited arlene. Pereira are other roommate. She's of course also home from her teaching job at el camino college here in southern california. They chose zico's any song. So we spent the whole night trying to figure out how to do the dance and have a certain level of swag arse it out of the way in the living room wall. My roommate's discovered how much time it takes to perfect tiktok dance and that just gave me a whole new perspective on tiktok that you see these super silly videos but boy is it quite the production darlene. Then we all decided well. Let's do this. We invested in a really nice phone Tripod with a Cute Little Bluetooth control on Amazon. You can even find bundles. Called Tiktok kits including a ring light tripod and some other fancy stuff with prices ranging from forty five sixty and even up to ninety bucks. My first tries to sketches not amazing but still funny right now. Almost two thirds of tiktok users are under the age of thirty four. It's especially popular with eight hundred. Twenty four year olds. Yup that's us. Talent agents are getting in on the action managing famous tiktok trying to get work in Hollywood and connecting social media. Influencers already making big money. Laura is showing the TIKTOK universe for crocheting wizardry and as for our lean. She has a few dance. Talks and droughts including one two the song wannabe by the spice girls and for me keeping my day job for now that was marketplace assistant producer. Hey Sues Alvarado and Roommates. Now that I think of it. I don't Crochet. But I do knit. So maybe I also a future tiktok wannabe and for the first time ever tiktok will be virtual attendee of the new fronts events later in June where it hopes to attract digital and TV advertisers to the platform and now for some related links. We've got into a piece about Ted talks new. Ceo All the work. He has ahead of him. And I'll tell you what. I know that lawmakers have their concerns tiktok and its owner by dance but it is GonNa be real difficult to pry this APP from the hands of the youth of America. Emarketer reports that Tiktok added twelve million unique. Us USERS in March and this is crazy. People spent an average of eight hours on the APP in that month compared to an average of five hours on instagram. Oh there's a link to that story from to filter on our website marketplace tech dot org. I'm just saying maybe TIKTOK. And be the peacemaker in us. China relations. I'm Ali would and that's marketplace tech..

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