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Think a huge problem for the Japanese government to suddenly say at the end of this quarantine. Oops we made a mistake and here you know fifteen hundred or whatever it may be thirteen. Hundred twelve hundred. Japanese citizens are going to have to do this all again if it happens if there's a change even if we end up with you know positive tests that will come as a huge surprise to us. Well we'll just deal with it as it comes so you said medics are are administering these tests on the ship. How are those tests actually given? What are the metrics kind of? How are they protecting themselves? The Japanese doctor in full protective gear. He says okay. I want to administer the test now. What it involves is a long handle. Putative basically a cotton swab which he asked you say aw and then he shoves into your throat in really uncomfortable moment is he swabbed back your throat. Event takes it out and and it's stuck in a tube and he snaps off the handle of it is hands wearing out several times after each one even though he's fully gloved. He washed his hands with disinfectant. That's good to hear. Does it make you feel at all uncomfortable though because I mean that same medic? That doctor has already seen hundreds. Maybe thousands of other people on the ship is a thoroughly cleaning clubs and there was never any direct. Contact him to hand or or anything like that. Unfortunately the same just can't be said of the people travelling as passengers on the ship because there's so many of them that just don't follow the rules. And what was your reaction will is. Katharine reaction when you heard that after passengers had gotten off the ship and gotten on this plane that fourteen of them. Oh by the way are with cove in Nineteen. It was a sense of We absolutely right in the decision we made. You don't celebrate that anymore. People are infected or we feel really bad for the Americans that took the offer not because they thought it was the best option but because if they didn't really have an option being stranded in Japan was not. I'm sure for a lot of the people on your shoes in so we felt bad for them but we at the same time felt vindicated. That you know it's it's that I told you so feeling to the US government. It's like he'd say a new. The your plans were silly and now to see that you even intentionally violated drawn representation. Which is a horrendous to me. Breach of trust with the citizens that they off ship they were told infected people would not be put on board and then they turned around. Put Him on board anyway. That's a horrible way for the government to treat its citizens. Matthew Smith still in quarantine on the diamond princess with his wife Catherine Kodak in the port of Yokohama. Matthew thanks very much for speaking with us again stay positive. Thank you very much. In China. Authorities are trying to stop the spread of the corona virus by among other things limiting movement for tens of millions of people. The world's Monica Campbell spoke with one Chinese American family there who were sheltering in place. They're hoping the lockdown does not last too much longer. There's a photo of the family. Mom Dad two kids smiling at a park in Beijing. It's snowy and looks like fun. Elizabeth son the MOM thought they'd be in China for a short time and then go back home to California is a Spring Festival Kim to see my parents. The family went to China because their work visas had expired in the US. Well the parents visas had expired. Their two kids are US citizens but the whole family went because renewing visas can take a few months they figured. Hey it'll be a family trip. The landed in China in January just before news of the corona virus broke Li- a- sister started to worry about said we have to wear face mask the family was visiting Elizabeth's relatives inland Joe in northwest China. When the city went into lockdown we stay here. We're just stuck here. We talked over skype Elizabeth and her husband while Ho there now in China with their kids for the time being how long they're just not sure. Elizabeth sister has a small apartment in the city. That just happened to be unoccupied..

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