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This segment brought to you by Randy Adams incorporated. It's our visit with Mike Appel, CA host of the Pure Hope, Elka Podcast. Who I believe was almost as close to the towers in New York City 20 years ago. Tomorrow is anybody could be Yeah, I was, uh 1.1 Miles Charlie straight across the Hudson River in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the Newport Tower, and we had a front row seat. And I think we've talked about this in the past. My camera actually caught the second plane banking in and I didn't know it until later that day. When I started reviewing the pictures, I was taken Difficult question to answer here. I'm going to ask it anyway. What do you remember most vividly about that day. Uh, The Or even or even in its aftermath. The palpable sense of helplessness. When you realized you couldn't get home. Wow. Yeah, that was tough. I know exactly what you're saying, Uh, tomorrow there will be the president, for example, among many a lot of other things. We know that it's going to be coverage all day everywhere. Presidents going to visit the three sites Shanksville, Pentagon and Ground zero. How much coverage are you able 20 years later to be a participant to participate in because I can't do any that has left a permanent scar on my heart and mind. And, uh, be quite honest. It's difficult enough just doing this morning show. Yeah. I'm not going to watch Any of the televised ceremonies. I I will Revisited personally. And Um, I'll call the people who were with me. Yeah. About 10 of them. But that's it, okay. If my memory serves me correctly. I believe that right after Joe Biden was elected president, either he or his spokes piece? Uh, Jen Psaki told us that there would not be any vaccine mandates. Well, he's flip flopped on that, Has he not? Yeah, Joe said it in December two. Peter Doocy, he said, Uh well, let's let Joe say that's a pretty brief statement. He was asked if There was going to be a vaccine mandate. No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand to be mandatory. So there wasn't six weeks ago, Gen. Snarky, the press secretary was was asked a similar question. So December of last year, right after the election, and then six weeks ago. That's not the role of the federal government. That is the role that institutions Private sector entities and others may take well golly Bob. Howdy, Things have changed. Give me that phrase again, golly way. Golly Bob! Howdy. Okay, well yesterday under under an executive order, he's directing the Labor department to create a rule. Requiring vaccinations or once a week testing for companies with more than 100 employees. First of all, can he do that? Well, you can create a rule. But the rule is not a law. Congress makes laws There's going to be a battle over this one. And the I r s call small companies, anything over 1000 employees. So you're you're a small company when you're over 1000 employees and then you get a bunch morning or medium sized So this would be micro companies. I guess if it's 100 or more, uh, it's a really curious thing. There's going to be a great legal debate over this. The lawyers are going to make out like thieves. Over all the challenges. Joe Biden promised us he was going to unite the country. Remember? That was part of his big deal. Right? Well, he's uniting the Republicans. At least the GOP has more than well. We're close to two dozen governors who are now signing onto a suit. That's going to be filed against the administration to say you can't do this. Uh, I'm curious, though, Charlie last night if you watch the speech as I did, I'm pretty sure you did. Um, the president exempted the post office and this morning, The Washington Post is saying, Well, maybe he didn't because there was a huge outcry after 660,000. Postal workers were told The mandates don't apply to you and oddly enough that massive union supporter Joe Biden, and they didn't want a mandate and they got that And now there's a question about whether or not that was given. So there's going to be some interesting legal wrangling inside the Democratic Party on that today. Appreciate the visit, as always, my friend. You have yourself a safe day. Michael Pelkey hosted the Pure Opelika podcast 20 years ago tomorrow..

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