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So it's rented out to other producers and still maintained. So even though she was the farm kid with in the farm fact, she was the one that was done with it and wanted to go to the city exactly interesting. Yeah. So and then what did you do your in the city? So earlier about at least friends authorities off-road horses, no matter where I was and I was a barn kid, you know my first job when I was thirteen was on Arlington racetrack hot walking your old resources cuz I was just wow, I I did that with my first job. I'm like I just want to do this. I had no fear of dying. Just you know, that was my first job, even though you lived in the city, even though I lived in the city, I would always, you know, you can I would always I'd take a game. A train or a bus at least 45 minutes to get to More Country areas where their horses and then I went to college and so in the city was in l no no no, I grew up in Chicago say yes, I was Midwest girl. I think internet I missed that as it. Sorry. Not right now. I'm caught up. Okay. So Midwest girl. Okay, Rachel moved to the big city of Chicago with my mother when we were eight and was off till through through college. And then when I was just after September eleventh, I flew to Los Angeles realized it was sixty in January and left. I was like, I am not doing these -12 degree Winters anymore. Yeah. This is just through this and when you're like in when you're like twenty, you know, you're like, oh this is great idea. Yeah, you're not afraid of anything yet. Would you go to college for I studied I've started with art and then I majored in literature. I just yeah, I've always liked to learn and then so everything that I am. Now is nothing related to what I studied but I'm entirely self-taught because I love to learn and so you got you were still connected with farming as a kid, but you moved to LA home then what were you doing? What what did you jump into? Oh my gosh. I worked in fashion. I worked in music and okay, hold on fashion. What did you do in fashion? You just gotta really pull this I don't like to talk about myself. So I would you do. In fact, I'm fascinated by that my gosh. Okay, so normally talk to a farmer who has a background where they did stuff in fashion. I know right? Well this is this goes to the home of your life that you like. You live at the way people tell you even though it really doesn't serve you guess. So that was part of it. So in fashion, I was in House at a brand to start and then I started my own fashion blog page back in 08 when blogging was becoming trendy. Yep, and within a couple of years, I was ranked as one of the top fashion bloggers in the world. I could take pretty pictures of myself and put them on the internet, but I could write about the business page. The fashion I did a lot..

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