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Coming up eleven twenty five Lisa fox listen her to win what's that noise twenty one thousand nine hundred dollars Tony George is a final check of the morning traffic twenty thank you for your show I thank you for your show what's going on well we've got this crash on the northbound side of the six oh five freeways coming up on Whittier Boulevard they said it was only the left lane that's blocked out but you're backed up solid coming off of the one of five so if you see that it's more than that let me know on the traffic tip line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three they're looking to factor is definitely slowing down you drive on the southbound side so delays have you there from the sixty over towards where he's bound by the sixty apac row they did clear that crash out of the two left lanes the driver so trying to recover from just before rose need him Pasadena two ten freeway eastbound side just before he gets a lake that five car pileup as Adelaide to traffic is that still pretty slow there to come away from second see delays are still just before Washington and then on the northbound side of the five out in Castaic I just before you get to Parker they still have all lane shut down there's a clean up after that earlier crash a couple of big rigs they're taking everybody off of the freeway at Parker basically just turning right back around so just avoid that situation all together take the northbound side of the fourteen to the westbound side of the one thirty eight that's still remains accident free and you also makes a pretty good time even one a long way around this topic what is sponsored by frontline plus warmer weather means more fun time outside they can also mean more bugs so don't forget to protect your pets with frontline plus the number one brand name and flea and tick protection that's been trusted by best for over twenty years get frontline plus now that your traffic I'm Tony Jordan what a four three by at them hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvements of five thousand dollars or more will pay for those renovations.

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