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Great american jewisht oliver wendell holmes this responsibility would not be found only in documents each filled be found in considerations of a political of social nature eat will be found most of all in the character of men optus account of unsc john it's us it was examined his life for a moment following world war von he became one of the leaders of the weimar republic and bus fun of the famous of its democratic constitution he became minister of justice in germany in 1930 five a position he quivalent of the attorney general of the united states finally in ohio stuck speech of twenty six april nineteen forty two heat i checked gunning enforced forced to greece eve unst jennings is to be found guilty certain implications must advice a judge does not meet the law he carries out the laws of his country be it a democracy all a dictatorship determined by country light along was expressed by a great american patriot it is no list floyd german peach be it should ernst gianing had carried out the laws of his ole should he hit with you to kelly tham out and become a tightly tap the defense is dedicated to finding responsibility as is the prosecution hole it is not only ernst joining who is on trial here he tees the german people.

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