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Feed the big data log. That's freedom that or g'kar. Hey, let's just hope Steve 2037 doesn't get his hands on a cold time machine because he is going to come back here and knock some sense into you. This message brought to you by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ad council. WSB Ashley Frasca with the top three things you can do this week to keep things green and growing. Brought to you by Pike Nurseries. Happy New Year number one get to pruning most ornamental shrubs That's got to be done before. New growth begins in the spring. But the ones you leave alone are the spring flowering shrubs like azaleas, rhododendrons. They have the bugs on the now so you don't want to cut those off before they open in the spring. Number two Keep compost piles moist for decomposition to continue. Even though it's cold, they should still be staying. Warm and all of that good organic material is decomposing in number three. Protect plants from the cold. You can place containers group together or close to a porch patio, sheltered by the house and be sure tender plants like pansy beds or emerging bulbs are well mulched with pine straw or bark green and growing with Ashley Frasca plants, flowers, trees and stuff. Saturday morning 69 95.5 ws fee and on demand at WSB radio dot com. News Weather 95.5 w S B Let US news and talk. That's in a clock and Jennifer Gryphus live in the WSB 24 hour news center with WSB stop stories this half hour. You didn't want to have an accurate election. And you're a Republican. We believe what we do have enacted election. No, No, you don't. No, no, no. Two days before dueling run offs in Georgia that will determine control of the Senate. Both sides are keeping the pressure on voter turnout in hopes of a victory. Vice President elect Kamila Harris today campaigned in Savannah for Democratic Senate candidates..

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