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Beverly, Officer, Vivian discussed on Snap Judgment


She's going to be Jeez wait what is that me I said don't worry about it it's the curse just she's going to be gone and I walked out and I went on the slim fast plan and I lost one two and then after five pounds I said you know what I'm not doing this anymore I look fine the way I am I look great even I cannot do this so I go back to a less the lady no sooner did I get there I'm walking down the hall and cheese whiz comes running over only I got all my oh my god what what are you talking about if you said Vivian is being arrested she was caught in Beverly can you believe that come with me so I walk with her go into the V. as office and Vivian is crying she's got mascara running down her face she's got an eyelash stuck to one she and a police officer on either side and I was like a whole whole she starts walking towards me I did man walking and I say Hey as.

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Beverly, Officer, Vivian discussed on Snap Judgment

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