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The Wilson bridge span you can avoid it all by using the local lanes instead now from garage door repair dot com the W. M. A. L. ABC seven storm watch forecast we'll have a fair amount of clouds in the afternoon and evening possibly if you stray showers as well highs today a little bit cooler in the upper fifties mostly cloudy overnight lows in the upper thirties in the outlying suburbs lower forties downtown Thursday mostly cloudy mild high temperatures in the lower sixties on ABC seven meteorologist Alex will get Mr watch seven weather sent fifty four at Reagan national line the real leaf on Washington's mall WMAL to win one thousand dollars six the national keyboard now two nine five eight one nine N. O. W. two nine five eight one nine now we'll text you back to confirm your entry into the messaging rates may apply remember don't text and drive a thousand dollar fast money to work on W. A. L. Rush Limbaugh it's great to have you with us my friends Rush Limbaugh this the most listened to radio talk show in America in the country the EIB network and of course the number one houses the distinguished Limbaugh institute for advanced study phone number if you want to be on the program eight hundred two eight two two eight eight right Graham somebody numbered twenty six John case sick R. is lost John case sick a former member of the Republican freshman class in nineteen ninety five it was partly the generation that swept in for the first time the Republicans won in forty years the house of representatives in nineteen ninety four elections it was the budget committee chairman and this guy used to be as conservative as you and I are and I I don't know what happened is is the still calls himself a.

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