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From you know fucking girl data than it up to america now we kids and the cherry starts home. I think it would go through a divorce and in <hes> has that trump <unk>. I can't think at the album wow. I wanna that came out last year. I forgot to relate kept him do those good news along along and it took a rillo like he is consistently put out a really good grown man about jerry jones a really good out that was twenty one came out to that i didn't really get but as a grown man with kids and a wife flack got that out and it's something that a lot of rappers are able to do is transition transition into making a don't use it <hes> or worser hip late this new trend that we get an older avarice kinda do immature hip hop like a jay easy forty four four four four hundred so armee with for a long time it was less that and more more of this is what the this is what my fan base wants from but what is became was that you know i'm not going to at this point. I'm making music for me. Not for for what you want we were living. She wishes some you could definitely do win. You are we were more. We were more autonomous as far so <hes> really out man. <hes> <hes> made logo had a lot of call backs to the intra show the u._b._s. You bite having network paul rosenberg on his own. <hes> was what do you have against all roses doesn't know it. I already i'll do i did not. I don't have a he. He did too annoying when he's on radio. Well this eases. The ski hills randomly on here. I'm cool with that. <hes> <hes> for like a skit for like a sport shoting unita's yellen yellen long as a hebron gamble know hebrew was not you brought them. <hes> i issue. We <hes> beginning yoga dough pass. Go vast dope at a it. We go to rhapsody tom. Eve <hes> i'm good yet. He's not even out. No i have. I really liked is okay. I really really a good oh good on yet. I really enjoyed dr music okay. That's okay in canadian and bad news not bad news. I i don't get out on. I'm not done anything for me. Okay <hes>. I really go to some <hes> wrestle. One of the best female rappers is out. She is really gonna do they. Did you can't name five better three better female rapper center. I i mean i can but they don't. They don't put out input. Jean grey is one of them okay. I'll give you the great anger not gonna agree with like you're not not gonna just give them. I don't want to i didn't i don't want to have those conversations. Let's just go okay. It's gonna turn in in fucking <hes>. What's that show. It's turn for undisputed. I don't want to go down there. Scare skill his 'cause you're wrong. You're no no no. You have no money that you have that problem. We'll never busy never wrong. I been early on that. I had the receipts to pull me. Okay most go find. Go find me anywhere in this check been says and i quote i'm raw every day. Chattanooga talk every day. You won't say shit pajamas you on every go anyway there. We go it nicely nicely ego ideal with ego ideal with rats. Yom eve then much joy. I had this conversation with my wife. <hes> <hes> so firmly rhapsody surpass lawn hill and that's a really unfair comparison. It's not because it would be fair to learn hill and he'll say not not even in that context. It's an unfair comparison because i her one album isn't arapahoe it is it isn't it has redfield but it's not a rap album it is it is conceded rather that's fine. I'm a lot of things that categorizes things. I'm just saying i don't find her her. I don't find her her one album to be a rap album and also and also feel like lord like laura..

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