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Hi and welcome to cyber reasons militias life. I'm ran levin today. We've got somewhat different episode for you. Instead of talking about ransomware de dos attacks and many other threats that we usually cover militias life will turn our attention to the world of industrial sabir security and potentially much more dangerous threat hacking into the control systems of a nuclear power plant. It is a risk that oddly does not receive its fair share of attention compared to the daily headlines about data breaches to multi-national or perhaps because most of us have no idea about the inner workings of a nuclear facility systems that control its functions and their potential weaknesses so in this episode. We'll hear an interview with andrew. Gator dp of industrial security at waterfall security solutions by nate nelson. Our senior producer. We had andrew in our show several times in the past since he's a fantastic and insightful experts in that relatively unknown branch of cybersecurity as some of you might already know. Andrew and nate are also the host of our Might say sister podcast. The industrial security podcast. Which is a bi weekly show that focuses on sabir security industrial facilities such as power plants petrochemical facilities even mining and airlines if you find industrial cybersecurity.

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