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Football and basketball were news Talk five Nutty Yuji and Eugene Springfield, the Emerald Empire. From ABC News. Sherry crested, searing attacks but a civil tone that could sum up last night's first and only vice presidential debate. Here's ABC Sara Carter ski They debated with less belligerence than their bosses. But Kamala Harris and Mike Pence expressed contempt for policies of the other side. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to raise taxes. They want to bury our economy under a $2 trillion green new deal, Harris said. The Trump Pence ticket wants to invalidate Obama care if you love someone who has Pre existing condition. Thank you. Thank you. Come in here for you. If you are under the age of 26 on your parents coverage, they're coming for you. They each dodged questions about presidential disability and the peaceful transfer of power. Aaron Carter Ski. ABC News, New YORK, Paris called the handling of the pandemic the greatest failure of any presidential administration. Pence accused Harris of rejecting a vaccine out of hand when Harris said she would trust the scientists on that. Not President Trump 34. People with ties to the White House have now tested positive for the Corona virus, including, of course of president doctors, Meantime, are warning. We could Seymour outbreaks because that's what's happening in Europe as it gets colder numbers up in France and the UK, Germany, which was doing really well is also seeing a rise, so we are seeing the pattern on the graph. Indicative of a second wave, and it's quite concerning because you know, we may see that pattern here, especially with flu season just around the corner, ABC News Medical contributor Dr Imran Ali later this morning, the Labor Department releases another snapshot of covert job losses when we find out how many Americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week Getting ready for another hurricane along the Louisiana coast. Got the generator on Port 15 on the gas and just wait. That's all you can do Those alien Ellen Poor Pierre, Louisiana. If Delta makes landfall tomorrow is expected It would be the sixth hurricane to come ashore in Louisiana this year. You're listening to ABC news. We've all heard it eat healthy. But what does eating healthy mean? Sure, There are countless diets out there, but they contradict each other. Yet all experts agree we should eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Whole fruits and vegetables are the perfect fuel to power..

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