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Is so crazy day guys start reaching no tight is the rows right at the debt and once they start reaching on all the wide receivers that you probably want. We'll be right after that so date. Yuka flex kittle using. That looks crazy so flex cuddle. Like i don't know how everybody's league is setup but just imagine a we're kid kelsey like just hearing it you'd be like what but the reason why you do is because once you do that people start to see a shoot tide is coming off the board so now they might reach cow they might reach hopkinson but then the wide receivers are now like looking right at you face so now you're going to get a better wide receiver. That's one of my favorite strategies that do to but that's fast but thank you for listening to mae west barbecue once again. I'm ready to slam somebody that somebody's rears myself as well. My favorite sauce they even sent me to the muster sauces wailed exclusive. So please be sure to check them out a should be open in backup. I think sometimes some point the end of this week whenever you're harness so please be sure to stop in there and let them those at a sense. You and go ahead Make sure you check out. Our collaboration with going joe. Ep collaboration will wear from. It is very important that you guys watch this show and i support this stuff that we're doing 'cause it's going to get as lit. We've got three big names. That i feel like you guys wanna hear from schedule where As far as like our players on the team. We still don't a. Pf end up schedule. We got a big one on friday. With sam monson from pf. Who is the guy npfl. So we got that going. Ace's got something special. I don't know if you wanna tell them about the doctor. Yeah we got. We got a pro football duck. David show the guy that knows all about injuries and got him pulling up some as well so all of these different things the more we get lit with. Somebody's collaborating this is joey. Collaboration will wear on from authorized by joey. Ibm so a lot of people don't even notice value so make sure you follow our links. Don't just go to wear from follow our unique link so that they can see all the people that were funneling their. Check it out. Even if you don't think you're gonna like you might like for somebody else. Check out the link because there's a lotta dope designs. Oh and what's up for me. I got whole out of orange dropping. This friday whole out an orange collection borough babies volume to going crazy. A lot of people get some packages in the mail this week. We're going to go crazy on friday. We dropping it borough baby season two. Whoa hold them who dot com is going crazy trinite now in cincinnati. Sit down in cincinnati. I went back to to the motherland. Cincinnati we won't print it up the right way oro baby season to grab that stoppable fire. Yes shout out to suffer shore and of course we're in this would again.

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