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This is the pony express here's andrew phillip pony i think in by long history of saying some things that exposed me as a possible degenerate gambler or sports better maybe what is now at the top of that list is the common i just made my producer james ward during the break when i said i actually uttered this statement out loud i got a hot tip here bet ten mark to beat croatia that rock bottom for me do you think i could not name one player in that game i don't know one soccer player from denmark i don't know one soccer player from croatia but i i followed the hot tip and what does that say about me that i'm friends with people who can even offer hot tips on denmark croatia you how do you go about getting hot tip on denmark don't you want to be friends with the people i'm friends with james this is probably gonna be the last time we talked to each other in a longtime james is going to leave cbs sports radio can i say where or is that still no it's everything's public james is going to go work for a cable sports network here in new york city the station that happens to broadcast new york mets games which entertaining product in the world but they're hiring you to make it more entertaining not really but we're not going to have these kind of conversations as much well maybe i'll be the guy giving you the hot tip on denmark you're you know you won't you won't get me hot if i want here's what here's what you'll be the hot tip guy for first week at college football season that thursday night to start the season where there are like one or two decent games and then there's like another eleven or twelve that are like maybe i'll put it this way like a game that i'm thinking of would be like cincinnati plays texas san antonio on the first thursday night of the year you're the guy that would have a feel for that game i have a schedule up and you're not a ton of good games so like that game where like a bad i want to say like a average to below average american athletic conference team place a home game against a conference usa or sunbelt team that's the game that you would have a strong feeling on i've got the game for your thursday october thirtieth ucla august thirtieth august thirtieth sorry august thirtieth ucf yeah going to play uconn okay wow they're starting they're getting right into a conference that's an american athletic conference game either that or western perdue are the two best those the top those are the top two games yeah unfortunately those are the thursday night so it's so the big ten is starting with a conference game that's different and then i can't imagine central florida is bringing back too much from that team that that had won the national championship that went undefeated last year and i'm also opening but northwestern state is playing texas saying how many games do you see that our division one eight teams versus division one eight teams i think only three what's the third so i gave you ucf yukon northwestern purdue wake forest to lanes you'll be tiled that one game that's the cbs sports network there is a strong possibility that you will have some kind of for entertainment by the way this is all for entertainment purposes unless you happen to be in a state like new jersey or delaware nevada then you can you can take an entirely different meaning from this conversation you will definitely have action on wake forest to him that's one hundred percent wake forest is one of my teams i liked them every year i honestly think one of the reasons why that was one of the things that i believe we bonded over is that we both had kind of like quirky degen degenerative thoughts on college football yeah the saturday morning text i i think you i think you carved out a niche at this network as a guy that.

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