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That is I those guess how come every time we go have lunch. We have Indian food. I don't know. But I don't hate it. I love it in nine of the ten of my friends. Are there lovers of Indian food? So it's not like I have a hankering for it as they say because I never get. I I eat any food at least once a week, but I this week Daniel I decided to eat it with our girlfriend Gandhi. And it was amazing. We found our favorite Indian place right right down the street from where we are Cameron. Have you been no never Indian food. We should go so good visit Indian place by my house right on route seventeen that's supposed to being credible. I've never been there. Everybody was talks about it. So I gotta check it out. I'm gonna take my parents to that place tamarin when they come to town a really because they're going to be the most picky. I'm sure probably yes, they are very discerning about their Indian food. But that places awesome. It's like when I take a scary down to my hometown of Dallas and take him out for a talion food. It's like you're a little afraid to because. If you want to tell you, you get into New York, you know, what I'm saying can be hit or miss, but that place that you chose tamarin is a move the bend Indian food. I've ever had was in England they have facing the, but we have a great a great launch day. Danielle. It's time for you. And me we have to have lunch lunch date. Figuring Mexican food of a great place right up the street. Good. I love love is like a hole in the wall. Yes. The best Mexican food, but I can't have a Margarita. Because as you know, I'm sober curious. That doesn't mean you can't have Margarita that just means. You're curious about what of be like Tanada about it before you do? How that works. Anyway, let's get into the first annual report of the day. What are you going on? So Chicago brewery is allowing angry bears fans.

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