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There were kind of going back and forth they're they'll 32 yard penalty but you know signals uh as you saw the concept and both players not in the fourth hatreds tent brady lateral to emmett villas back across the field the lewis who runs for a nice game there before miles jack forces a fumble right right now he recovers it as you see but a premature a whistle prevents any return on the day take another look old what might have been had the played not been blown bed jaguars would point after eight three in out now samestore minutes later patriots facing third and eighteen tom rates as he hit does so well come up with a clutch play finds danny amadullah four the first down wale danny yu writes in the mccullough by roommate amadullah were made a school in the drive into three minutes of play pictures down three the second ago hammond della down upside playoff nericueo play i'm as if this right don't wanna slight him take them as you take another look graced coordination their kept both feet and bounce patriots lee 24 28 points next after the jazz from the patriots 38 lake voters mortals fess up on an open linda for neck down the sidelines nogo throw is a bit off the mark incomplete missed opportunity for the jags moments later four the fourteen for the jaguars portals past two didi westbrook broken up fast the fond deal more so blake mortals they put the game and his hands it's not what happened nobody was able to do the whole known oust warm gift you're right the bill four and a quarter boats in the league and nothing now the effective in uttar minute 38 to play patriots they can seal the win with the first down and of course thinking of hers out because as the patriots on a third nine lewis picks up eighteen yards and it has felt like even before they actually did come back that the jaguars we're not gonna win the day it was over there.

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