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You're still to me a younger guy. But you've been in NASCAR for quite a while. Again, you went on Sunday. How much is changed in the sport for uses when you first started. Mannix games been crazy with the heavily of the cars evolution of safety of drivers. And and just where the sport has come see today, and you know, obviously. I think it's in the same slate Saint places it was years ago. You know fans that kind of gravitated through NASCAR back in the nineties and found their favorite driver be rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett, Jeff, Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, you know, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt, jR, those guys just kind of seems like they've not necessarily been able to find a new driver like or new driver to follow. And you know, we we've kind of struggled a little bit in the fan base. But I'll tell you what the last two years with some chase Elliott Ryan, ladies and things like that. You know, guys people are coming back, and it's been cool to see I wanna talk to you a little bit more about that coming up in a bit. But I want to ask you about you personally. I ask you how much has changed your champion. Now, you know, you want in two thousand fifteen some you've been going after like crazy for you. As a driver how much changes after you win a championship? There's a bit of change, you know, when you are contender or a participants. I guess even before that, you know, that's just kind of who you are. But then once you're able to kind of breakthrough and finally be a champion. You know, you have a different stature in the sport. And you've got a different responsibility as well too. So it's pretty cool. I enjoy it. Of course, you know, being able to win rates all the time. That's that's part of what it's all about being Campion and winning championships is what it's all about as well in the grand scheme of things. And obviously I'd love to have more. And we've been in the final four and four years in a row, and I've only one at once he does. So just shows you how tough that final race can be where there's other guys that you're going up against that. Are that are just as good as you are Bush. Joining us on the show driver, the number eighteen Eminem's and everything Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs racing. Can you take me through Bristol? Because I wasn't wrong. When I first tuned in. I was watching you. And I was watching baseball on Sunday you had an accent? At the beginning. And you were still able to come through and get the win on Sunday. Am I wrong? Now, you're right. Yeah. We got caught up in a mishap in the on. There was a guy that got kinda worked up the track and into the wall turns to on lap two and it kinda bunched up the field a little bit, and there was an accordion effect. And I was kind of the guy that got out of the of the accordion. I got hit from behind son. No fall to the guy behind me, Ricky Stenhouse, just racing. And then you know, a couple of cars came through and miss me. And then another guy came through it hit me, and we had a little bit of damage that we had to fix that. And kind of repair car a little bit. But then after that, we we were pretty good. You know, Bill we had a fast race car. We were top four top five guy. And all you can do is try to run up front put yourself in the right position. And when the time comes you know, they had late race caution. Pitstops we stayed out. We ended up winning the race. So it kind of fell in our hand. What's just racing? And what is maybe a little bit more when you're certainly at a place like Bristol martinsville. Yeah. I mean, guys just deliberately run into the back of you for no apparent reason or guys that run into the side of you or push you up the racetrack and stuff like that. I mean, that's that's just you know, I mean, that's that's also a part of racing. But you know, that when it's a little rougher little dirty or whatever that, you know, you're gonna keep it in the back of your mind through ever done that to you and you're going to repay the favor later on down the road. How long are you willing to keep something like that in the back of your mind? Forever. Cal Bush joining us on this show. What do you think when when analysts and when fans compare you to Dale Earnhardt? I mean it flattering obviously, you know, he's he's one of the top dogs of our sport. And one of the top guys that built our sports what it is today. Him Richard petty. Jeff, Gordon Jeanie Johnston. I mean Kayleigh overall David Pearson vein. There's there's a ton ton of hall of famers Darrell Waltrip, for instance, that that built our sports what it is today. And you know, being compared to any of those guys is is is really cool. And obviously Dale Earnhardt kind of being the imitator and one of the best guys many of ever seen race car. And you know, it feels good to be the in that same ballpark. Beck of those guys. Do you feel any different because you mentioned the young guys now, and we we make that comparison. You you mentioned a bunch of names that really weren't just names, but we're also personalities and what really drove the terrible pun, but really moved NASCAR into the twenty first century minute. As popular as what it was. And you mentioned some of the young guys. Some of the guys seem to be a little bit camera shy. But you've always whether fans of you were right, but you're wrong. You've always been one of the guys who are willing to speak your mind and let the let the personality show. Does anybody ask you about that the young drivers ever ask you about that? Actually, I don't I don't think they have. I think there's just kind of. I don't know if it's just flow underneath the radar or just kind of your own deal, and and focus about yourself and not really about anybody else, which I tend to try to think that I do as well. But, you know, many of those guys are more reserved in outspoken compared to myself. But yeah, I guess not that you don't have any consequences because there certainly are some consequences sometimes, but it's just kinda like, hey, if you believe in something, and, you know, something and you wanna talk about something, then you just sit out there. But when you're at the very top, especially like when you do the bow after you win things like that like, you know, people watch that. And whether it's good or bad, you know, they're still talking about it, which is always still good for NASCAR. Isn't it? I hear you. I don't know how about can be a bad thing. But you know, for me, I I was never able to do a backflip. So I'll leave that to the other Bush with us on the show. So you're an owner you basically how often do you race a week? Well, I mean with the Cup series schedule re we raised thirty eight times out of the year. You know, we've got forty weekend straight, basically that are schedule goes we've got to off weeks in there. We'll raise thirty eight times between those forty weeks. And then let's see the I run in the truck series five times I run in the extended series seven times, I have got a super late model team. Also that I run with four or five times. And so you know with with all all those races. You're looking around fifty fifty five times a year. I mean, this is I know Kenny Schrader was always known for racing five six days a week. Sometimes I mean, you keep a very hectic schedule. What are you like outside of racing? What our hobbies for you? Yeah. I mean, so some hobbies for me. I love RC cars, I've been in our car kits and my early days, I might have been five six seven years old when I got my first one, but, you know, working waiting a couple more years before I get my son kind of into that. He's he's asking about it a little bit. But not every day. So I don't think he's ready get quite yet. But you know, I also enjoy going out to the sand dunes playing with some four whalers fan commerce and side by side things like that. And haven't time with my family. That's that's a big deal as well. So that's not a wouldn't call it a hobby. But that's something that you do in your spare time is just able to have family time. What's separate you from your brother? What's different about you? I don't know. You know, we're both very fiery competitive people. I guess one thing that I kind of noticed is, you know, he's he's more okay with having extra curricular activities, and and doing different things and being more cultured with call it he'll travel over to Europe and go through Paris, go look at history and and spend time with his wife and go down to Florida just kinda veg out for today's or whatever. Where me man, I'm I'm all about racing. I live rethinks sweep all racing. And so my son he's he's into it a lot now, and I own the Racine -ccomplish motor sports. And of course, drive you know, the Cup series stuff. I watched videos during the week. I study notes during the week all that sort of stuff. So I think that you know, I'm just more passionate about it and more into it maybe than than Kurt Busch with us on the show. Duck two thousand fifteen monster energy NASCAR Cup series champion. Joining us here this afternoon on CBS sports radio. Kyle. When we talk about NASCAR in the future. Nascar Bristol was a disheartening thing with some of the fan interaction on Sunday. The ratings are still the same than they were last year. We're always looking to grow on what would you do to grow? Nascar's fan base right now. You know that that's I don't know the problem with it is I think that there's a lot of our. Are are older crowd. Let's call it. And it's back to the matter is they're older you're kind of aging out, and they don't necessarily want to go to the racist as much anymore. They don't wanna go in the weekends at the track and have to spend thousands of dollars for campsites and groceries and food. And you know, then the I guess the aggravation sometimes traffic, I mean, traffic's really not that bad. So I don't know what what what the complaint would be exactly there. But you know, past that just the older generations. We haven't quite been able to connect with the younger generation, you know, I would say they're the forty fifth year old men and women couples that brought their children, you know. So the racist years ago? Children founded, okay, call that was fun done it, then they're not going back type thing, you know. And. Again. I I don't know exactly how to fix that. How to change that? I think it's just the changing of the times and kind of what people are interested in now. And as you look at it, you know, the circus went out of business because they weren't appealing anymore. It was the same old stuff. So we've kind of got to figure out what to do to to appeal to the generations. And and get them to come kind of check it out. Whether it's more. More parties or more use it or you know, the the offense and the allure of having activities at the race to then be able to check out a cool race and watch race cars. Go fast. I think that's where it's at Bush with us on the show. What would you change right now if you could change anything about NASCAR? I think the biggest thing is just you know, like, I was just talking about is being able to get people there. And so to me being able to get people. They're just showing them a better time. And some of these racetracks are trying to fill people a better time. But they're not necessarily really pushing, you know being able to go out to colleges or being able to go out and recruit, you know, we've gotten for instance, we've got the monster girls right there sports sponsored by monster energy. We got the monster drill send them out and have them be our recruits and get guys and girls and tell them about the parties that are going to be at the racetrack. And give them some free tickets or some free passes to the parties and get them to get to the race track. Maybe they'll buy a ticket to get into the grandstands and go check out the rates stuff like that. So it's just kind of a part part of what what I think it'd be done. Can you tell me more about the bundle of joy fund that you and your wife sponsor? Absolutely. So, you know, the the bundle of joy funds has kind of evolved and has become what our nation dries is. And so people can know to the bundle of joy fund dot org. In order.

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