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Gotta take a long, hard look a bit like a decent like had they scored a run in the playoffs like maybe, but I mean, is he going to have to answer for some of this, too? I think he is, but usually in situations like this. It's it's somebody else. That's where maybe it's the hitting folks that pays the initial price. And in fairness in your two he did get in the playoffs. We can argue how he got in there. We could argue that, um this is a year were. You know a lot of team made the playoffs more so than the normal way they changed the structure, and it wasn't a pretty way to get into the playoffs, but he did. Get into the playoffs, but it was not. It was not a great year. It was certainly not a great finish, and sometimes you see this across the board in the NFL. Sometimes it's a coordinator who bites its position coach who gets it and The main guy stays and gets what more invited the apple. And I think David probably has earned that in my opinion, and I was hard on him is probably anybody throughout this year, but I think Take a team in front of you Take a team in the playoffs and your two you get a chance at a whole year swinging your three, but I'm not so sure that somebody doesn't have to pay the price for it. All right. Skinny will shift gears here to the Bangles. Okay. Got right. Got the Jags Come into town. And look, if they can't beat this team, man, it's gonna be a long, hard hall here. No question after this is a game at Baltimore at Indy when they come home and play Cleveland and Tennessee before the bye week, all teams with with winning records and all pseudo playoff teams. You don't win this. You are literally staring 07 and one of the by in the face after going Owen, eight last year at the hard pill to swallow, too, And so I'm not the only one that said this. Our buddy McGregor's said it. I was on the Tony pipe this week, and we talked about it. Tony and I we talked about it. It's a must win for Zach Taylor. This isn't like I hope you can win. Sure would be nice if he didn't know this is a must win for Zach Taylor. Because then you don't look even if they do win going to Baltimore and winning, there is always gonna be almost impossibility and we start to get a snowball rolling downhill in an ugly, ugly way. He held the team together last year through the slow start. I think everybody realized A flawed roster. It had holes. They need to do some fiction. They did that They were on on the way out, letting any thought the quarterback and you knew some help was gonna probably be on the way there and so you kind of bit the bullet last year and realize I transition. Let's see what happens and the closer I mean, look, what's freaking by combining would bite but my combined a point, but They don't give you any clothes. I mean, your professional you're paid to win. And so at some point you have to win. And this to me is an absolute must win because it's not a neuro seven and one of the by weeks I don't know what to say. At that point, I told anybody knows what to say. At that point, there's nothing left to say that it feels like the train will be going off the tracks. And then I don't know what direction they're going. We is Cincinnati Sports fans. Just take any more disappointment. Let us I'm sorry. We just can't but skinny Paul Dougherty calls it the Bengal ization of a quarterback. How long before Joe Burrow filing, just like caves into? Oh, my God, It's so screwed. I mean, I know you. You mean he's a kid? You have to stick around for a few years, so let it correct itself. But good Lord Ban Albert. How long does it take? Yeah, the last post game press counter that been always doing with him. He looks like he's a deer in the headlights has vandalized. I give him credit. Then he followed up with his Wednesday press conferences with us where he kind of comes out with a He looks a little key, so he's re shave his face. Looks like it looks like the guy you want to rub his head. He's all happy. I'm thinking, Okay, You're still you're still OK, Couple days later, but, buddy, Hopefully I don't have to you much more because I've watched it. There is no question of that. But my friend, you should be ready with Tom Gamble when you know him well, he is the first one to corn beg allies, and he's right, man. It's something to that really truly is And I just hope it doesn't happen to Joe Burrow. All right, buddy is getting what we will let you go. Richard Skinner, local Joel. Thanks so much money you guys taking every weekend There's ah, Richard Skinner. So are you going to be down there on Sunday? Because that they are letting people in the stands. I get I gather. No, probably not. I mean, I'm not. I haven't gone anywhere. You know me? I haven't gone anywhere. I didn't know you were doing a station thing or what? Not I don't think that we know if we're doing a station thing. Probably somebody should let us know that's a good point. Go down there and try to get the private booth. Guess what never been allowed anyways. Eso Rob what's going on with traffic?.

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