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About 5 17 700 in here working on the 5 30 news guests so hospitals don't have to give this medicine now by the county Judge Canada's decision down yesterday in the case. Against you See Westchester Hospital, followed by a woman whose husband inside a ventilator. They're in bad shape with Covid 19. She had gotten a doctor from the outside. To prescribe ever met him out of the controversial drug that some say can help patients who have covid. It's meant to treat infections caused by parasites in the body and judge ended up saying that there is absolutely no medical proof. That I ever met him can help. Covid patients said that he feels great deal of sympathy for the family of the man who is suffering with Covid. But he said, You know, there's nothing In any of the medical books any of the studies that he has seen that anyone could produce to show that it does any good. We've got the FDA CDC am a all lined up against using it for this, And he said, If the family wants to continue the treatments, then they will have to take Him to a different hospital that they can't force the hospital to do it. You see, health is saying today that, uh, they asked people in the community do the things that we know works in terms of fighting Covid first and foremost, get vaccinated. You know where mass social distance those kind of things and They say their doctors have, um, you know the appropriate treatments ready to go for people who get sick with Covid and I ever met in just not on the loose list of what's approved to be used. All right. What are you doing at 5 30? We'll talk about getting back to work today and back to school and some districts Now that means wearing a mask. Details of 5 30 news radio 700 wlw. Thank you, Brian. We got your forecast. Seg has sports coming up next? Yes. Thank you, Doctor class. Does anyone have any questions for the optometrist? Logan? If I pushed my eyeball into my school, could I see my brain? Sometimes you'd rather have someone else take.

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