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Step at a time i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show patrick tucker as the defense is the technology editor of defense watt z t it's been in the news it remains in the news because it's a part of the conversation between washington and beijing over trade the idea that z t is dependent entirely on two major suppliers google and qualcomm at the same time that z t has been caught intellectual property theft but also trading with our adversaries breaking sanctions so z t's stands exposed and will be or could be punished but why is this important patrick is reporting on supply chain patrick i remind myself always that one of the cambridge five cairncross was part of the ministry of supply during the second war that was critical for the soviets to understand the capabilities of the brits it looks like it's it's critical to our adversaries today to understand supply chain what do they want with the supply chain what can they do with it well if a huge in growing worry among the counter intelligence community in the united states and we're not sure all the things that they can do with infiltrating the supply chain of chips microelectronic parts that go into us consumer devices but the threat according to the counter intelligence community and particularly the national counter intelligence security center which is part of the the office of the director of national intelligence the threat is very very ill it's part of a larger conversation that we're going to be happened having in washington for months and possibly years into the future precisely because and a lot of the stuff in there is produced by nations with whom we're experiencing escalating friction escalating tension and difficult diplomatic relations so z t donald trump astounded a lot of people with this remark that he wanted to rescue in effect z t e from from the sanctions that united states treasury department at input on them but when asked whether or not he would ever use the phone william avenue who actually leads that counter national counterintelligence security center told the senate intelligence committee back in may that he's definitely would not and there's a reason why these devices are banned among intelligence security professionals and among the military so we're going to be having this debate for a very long time because the entire kind.

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