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Anybody got asthma? No one's going to kick me out of a restaurant or anything. Because I'm just not there. You know, I'm too old for that fight. If I was younger, I was like 30 35 we put up of means. Think about this. Will you be you'd be throwing Pirela at people like you? No one would be safe. You and I drive this here. L I did that to Steve before the pandemic. That's right. You That's exactly right. Yeah. Steve Gregory came in studio one night and he coughed. And I and I pumped two pumps of pure oil on my hands and I threw it and I saw it. I saw it through the window. You literally chucked liquid at his face. I have been hit in the face by threw it in his direction. I think it hit him. I know it hit him. I hope it didn't hit him in the eyes. Oh, he's fine. But you know what he could, and he deserves it because if God forbid anybody clears their throat or sneezes or coughs in the newsroom, you'll just hear this from Steve Gregory. Help isolate so good. Throw the bureau. That's great Singer break You're alive on Kay, if I am sick I don't know what you're thinking. And I kind of like that keeps it and dost HD to Los Angeles lives everywhere on the radio and fallen firefighter. I'm Gina Grad live from the cave. By 24 hour News room. A firefighter killed in the wildfire that started with the gender reveal stunt New kippah has been remembered. For fallen firefighter Charles that many have mourned the death of hotshot crew boss Charles Morton at the Rock Church in San Bernadino chief Vicky Christiansen says Morton will be missed. Charlie was more than an extraordinary firefighter. It was a great man, Morton's fiance, Monica Topia, says she knows it's hard not knowing exactly what happened on the fire. But I'm at peace because Charlie loved what he did. Morn died in the fire near Big Bear on September 17th in San Bernadino, Rob Newton care fine news. This report brought to you by solar Max. One of the upcoming ballot measures will have voters in California deciding on an issue at the intersection of criminal justice reform and the right to vote Proposition 17 would allow people with felonies and out on parole to vote and that totally disregard and defeat the purpose of parole. The parole period is for the inmate to adjust to free society to establish themselves in free society. And finish paying the price for what they did. Republican State Senator Jim Nielsen from Red Bluff, says the launch it stays. It is what prop 17 campaign manager Shay Franco Clausen says parole is not intended as a punishment. The Pro board has deemed these people the ability to reintegrate into their communities, and I worked with so many people on parole who are leaders of organizations, nonprofits, but the one area that they just don't have. The right is to be civically engaged in a part of democracy in their own communities about 55,000. People who would have suffrage. Restorative prop 17 passes in California would be the 20th state to allow parolees. The right to vote is more to this debate, and we'll bring it to you is part of the proposition. Siri's Chris and Carl Okay, fine news. The Orange County Fair has families flocking for fried fair food to Forget Cove in 19 roasted corn. Then you see Hawaiian chicken balls in the turkey leg affairs, Terry Moore says. Thousands have already visited the Koven state Drive through that features about a dozen vendors deep fried everything. Detroit Korea's pride Deep fried cheesecake. This family says it offers at least a taste of the fair. What's the thing? You're looking forward to the most fun? I was looking for some more food man. More says people have been so excited. The event has been extended through the end of October at the O. C fair, Corbin Carson deep Fried butter. From the Southern California Toyota Deal. Dealers Traffic Center. We make it.

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