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Get one of your people up because you guys have been live all night ordering a single carrot on post mates. Somebody do the job of Komodo and get the sound cleared for stugatz. Just from my sanity. Just so he leaves me the bleep alone. Stupidity. Honest got Mike. It's been three days. It doesn't matter. What I'm doing? I'm talking to Mike Tyson. I'm talking to Pat Riley, Dan, you gotta call the publicist to Komodo book. He's getting better. Because usually this would all happen twelve hours before su- potty launches and he's been bothering you for three days. So he's actually getting better. Thank you. My stupidity. How many times do you scream stoop? Dan. Today. It is a podcast that has debuted bigger than Oprah's menas is lagging behind so as south beach session. So is Dr Phil and everyone else in the universe. But Meena is lagging behind by just fractions, you need to fix this by supporting menas football podcast with their dog, which she by the way, this guy is strong in her half of that podcast is the shipping container this week. You learn well, they were great. This is the interesting pivot of the Munich Himes football podcast, which features our dog lending because it's now a year round podcast. So we got to see how entertaining calms can be in an offseason, and I would have to admit it's mighty entertaining. Even the parts had aren't us. Even though Joe flacco you're talking about Joe flacco, if he gets traded and gets traded sort of midway through your podcast, which is always kind of interesting, but right now lebatardshow friends feature three of the top ten podcast and sports and recreation. Let's give me some love. Let's get it to the top spot subscribe to Munich spot. Well, let's get her to the top spot. And then. When when potty launches if it launches it will regain number one on. Talk in the local hour about challenging Stu guts. And like the personal and occupational hazard of coming for the king..

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