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Make sense all cookie dough and theories. I disagreed with lexi. I was like what happened. She's like no you idiot. And i was like. Oh no this is what clearly outbid the premise of the. What's the movie is simon. Conjurer is he is a man who has an after school class where he helps people of various. Yeah it's like a nighttime class. You teach the night. Class gets people of various mental illnesses and issues issues. I'm going to say in quotations. Because i'm pretty sure one of those was being gay. That's not an issue so that was also what's the side issues that people have and he magically fixes them and that's pretty much. The whole premise starts off with the woman coming to him and be like. Hey i need you to help my son and then movie stars and follows the journey of him helping the sun helping the sun and also helping these people so we do need to go with a little bit because some say yeah you you make simon conjure at. He's teaching kids. I was here in. Lexi was oh. He's a teacher. And i was like. He's clearly not a teacher he like. He's like one of those guys you bring into like he's like a magician like you bring in and then he had a familiarity with the children. It was like oh no useless like a straight up elementary school teacher. He is an ellison school on top. All of these things. And honestly i didn't hate the beginning i was i was left. I was like i was like here. I was like oh. This is kindergarten cop or something like of movie develop see on like like i remember the first beijing says it wasn't that bad. It was whatever the the movie starts with seven contrary in a room with a bunch of kids. And he's like. I'm a teacher as the kids. And he's walking them through flying in their imagination. And the way the the movie decides to portray this show this kids flying through the room in very bad. Cgi and it was six. It wasn't that bad. It was very i mean. I guess you're right for like a. I don't know what the budget was. Deeply says thirty million dollars. But i don't let me or may not be true. That all went to jon voight. Yeah hundred percent. It was that man costs money. They fire around the room. Like this is weird. fantasy scene. Feels very trippy. They all slowly come down and you can see like where. They edited out the harness for the past to be lowered his. There's all the kids shirts are like pulled up like this as their lord out that it was sincere. I i had no problem with any of that. Oh okay they're like but then but then after that you realize what's happening one hundred percent. Is this grown ass. Man is straight up hypnotize ing. Children not like painting a landscape now. Storytelling literally using hypnotic tactics hypnotized. Children marcus here's where i needed to make my first big stand of the movie. All right okay so to skip ahead. A one of these children. Die and jon voight characters framing simon conjure for the death of rebel doesn't open his mouth wants the whole movie. That is very true. I wanted i was gonna say well we get to rebel. I want us both to do an impression nation of how rebel talks. who won't we get. So jesuits character kills a little girl At the very beginning of the stone. After i found out there hypnotize i turned alexis alexi. You can't teach children. They can fly. They will try to fly. They will kill themselves and then when the little girl said she was like you called it and i was like no i think they're framingham burder but then the movie chooses right after scene to show a scene with one of the children is in his class literally how 'bout to job out the window and his mother just happens to be there. This movie is grossly responsible. If any of these children did die. One hundred percents on the is. You can't teach little children. Yes to for evidence. saturday. Morning anything yeah. It also doesn't make sense. Because if if he is he's truly tried to portray himself as god this whole field. He is just perfect specimen years. God all the women wanna fuck him. Everyone wants to behave. Yes answer to everyone's problems. And why why would he been in akin almost jumping out the window because of him. Why would you include that. It just makes sense with the rest of the movie is supposed to be a misdirect so i think that maybe he did. Kill the little girl baby. I guess i guess. I think she jumped out because of him. Maybe that's what they're hinting at. I don't know here's my problem that that's a fact like did grossly negligent negligent. Yeah you can't teach little children that they comply. They will jump out the window. Yeah no it's bad. You have to watch kids. Also the the fact that that mom didn't have a bar on their window was weird. Because i was like i've always had bars on the windows. Don't now it's a new york city. Thank you having bars on. The windows like all kids would just jump out the window if there are no bars on the window. That's about the widow. I jumped off the garage. Wants really did he die. Fifteen nobody screaming leg and i had to like cut off a piece of skin. That was like this big like off from some like rusty peace medal. Joseph was with me but it was. We were playing outplayed. Superhero out of royal during his guys ties hit then. I wasn't hypnotized hypnotized. Di atas honestly right away once. I realized that it was like this movie doesn't know what it's doing now is moving clearly. There's no idea what it's doing because that is that is incorrect and as a person so that was rebel. The sun that's true it is rocked so we're introduced the rebel. The sun doesn't open his mouth when he talks the whole movie. And it is. Here's my okay what's up. Here's here. I think growing up this kid. This kid grew up wanting to be an actor right and you know why he wanted an actor. His father's only showed him marlon brando films. So he only ever seen marlon brando act so he thinks to be an actor. You say you know on of rebel. Now that's my impersonation of rival nintendo refuse nice right now now. Now do you rebel. Dear apple rebel accelerated. I wanna see what you got. Gosh i haven't tried let me so so ban tonight. Okay okay okay. Okay so when you go on through life you don't know which way is up but sometimes i do what he was doing it so hard. You don't get all that i got. I'm watching clip right now. I'm gonna wanna hear him talk. Oh thanks for yeah. We answer good. Oh you get cheater cheater. Because i did it from the says. Give me three minutes. Because i can't hugo he just he talks with his mouth and he also doesn't smile at all. Smiles are like this like a pain smile every time. so he's like simon conjure. I can't believe that we have to go. Get these kids you can. You're not gonna put me in a box in conjecture. I don't know what you have me. Handcuffed to the st- fucking dashboard sermon..

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