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That's so sweet. Ooo. I like that song and you know, this was a b side and this song was number 9 on the R&B single start for 1966. Nineteen sixty-seven. This song was the closing track on Stevie Wonder's 1966 album, which was at the end of year December 1966 down to earth and this song was co-written was with Maurice broadnax and Clarence Paul and it is best known of the four songs on the album for which song We want to received a writing credit, you know gentleman by the name of Ed Hogan of all music said that the songs dominant looping Rhythm Echoes the office tocqueville clock which gives the downtempo track a Melancholy late night Vibes. It does cuz it's this is a jam when you when you put the blue lights on and off basement. You know, I'm saying y'all know what I'm talking about out there. Those are old enough to know about the blue lights but it gives emphasized the feeling that the singers giving his all in a one-page chance to get the direct attention of the object of his affection. And you know what they say that just moved by the name of James Peron said that would you notice about hey love. Hey love presents a hint of what was to come and Stevie Wonder's compositions and performs. Ben says in the 1970s and you know, this song was number 90 on the Hot 100 but on the R&B charts, it was number 9 and I can see why on the R&B charge that thing I still to this day. I discovered a hail of on Stevie Wonder had this Greatest Hits compilation wage and he had this Greatest Hits compilation called looking back. Right and you know, I was just going through it listening to from the beginning when you heard contract on love and you know, all the early songs and then I discovered hey love and I was like, wow I said, this is a sweet Jam, you know what I'm saying? And you know, this song was done by that buy back event. It was a b side in April of nineteen sixty nine on the Cameron label and art Kelly. Like I said and Public Announcement did their cover version of hail on there $19 off. Who album Born Into the 90s and it was number fifteen on the R&B chart? And this is a bowler. So we're going to give you something else. You know, Stevie was cooking with gas, you know by nineteen sixty-six. He was he started getting on a roll now. He did have a period where they weren't sure what direction Stevie off going to go in and then you can hear the difference between Stevie Wonder and 1962 to 1966 and Steve say you was getting on a roll from 1965 to tail end up until nineteen sixty-six. He was hitting him. He was hitting those charts hard coming up next on a bowl of Soul home. I was made to love her. And this is a bowl of soul. Hey, this is Chris Jasper of the Isley Brothers. And I suggest for a nicely and you're listening to a bowl of Soul. A mix two of soul music..

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