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This is the now let's hear from the trainer of a maximum security. Is name is Jason service looked like he came out a little bit on the one that the one horse head a steady a little. When they made that decision that they had changed. It saw the jockey just walk off feeling well anyway, Vinnie and massapequa park wants to weigh in on that. What do you think of any? Shocking right away. It was a big mess up because he was over when he was being interviewed right off the right after the race. He said, yeah. My voice got spooked from the crowd here. They kept calling baby spoke any any and reacted. So he knew there was a big prob. Even just move over one lane. It came over a couple of days at coat off wars tonight. Hoping and it took him fifteen minutes decide, I know, you know, you know. So I think it was a good decision. I fortunately people will Slow Money. I mean, that's that's that's why they call it, Kimberly. You know, Vinnie? You're right. But I I think I think most and again, I'm not the horse racing expert. But again listening to people I respect the know there seems to be a little quibbling about this that it really happened. What they said happened. She was in determinant at the of the race. I think it was a good decision myself. Thank what's definitely got booked. Thanks for listening. So anyway, this guy Gary west is going to file this this appeal, and his argument was that the when the stewards came out, the lady didn't take any questions. So his thing is what was she hiding? Why didn't you any questions from the media? She made her statement and walked off that's one now at the White House today all the medal of freedom residents giving out the medal of freedom. And as you know, I'm not the biggest Tiger Woods fan of the word. I I just don't know this. I think has an amazing comeback story. He won the master's other than New York Times of all people had a a very interesting story today. They pointed out the fact that Tiger Woods and Trumper and business together. So woods has designed some courses course for Trump for one of his resorts. And the other point of the times may which is a good point the other. Golfers have gotten it like Arnold Palmer, Jack. Nicklaus. But their careers are over kind of like a career ending thing. It's it's this one just smacks of hey, my buddies just won the masters what a great comeback. I'm gonna give him the medal of freedom. And that's why I'm not that big on. Okay. Disagree. Tigers career was over surprised when it was his own surgeon was quoted as saying never win another big tournament is surgeon operating on his back. But that comeback was quite something. It was a remarkable comeback. But those that deserve the medal of freedom at an item wants to jump on the field. Good story because it's a field story. So he's smart to do. It hasn't been lost on people that I go minority that would. Curry favor with the minorities community, supposedly. But I just it just doesn't smell right to me. Then he's in business with the guy given to Pete Rose. That's not a bad idea. The news now at seven thirty from Nome Laden. Good morning. Good morning. Michael good morning. Three year old girl is dead after he was found in a burning car in queens deputy police chief Joseph Colucci says the girls father's been taken into custody. The responding offices were informed by a witness that a male had fled the vehicle while it was on fire. A search for the mail was conducted. And he was found a short distance away reports say the car door chained shut gas cans found inside US assent and aircraft carrier to the Middle East after a perceived threat from the Ren secretary of state, Mike, Pompeo worried and attack was planned on American forces in the region. Absolutely. Joy radius. Win. Attacks on.

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