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The stored rips this guy is only only a year in jail i mean i guess that's the law certainly not what he deserves certainly not what he deserves and instead this story is very heartbreaking because it has to do with my hometown of the south shore of staten island this is where i grew up this is the neighborhood i grew up him is it this block where this incident that i'm about to describe occurred i heard you know is walking distance from where my mom lives and there's a black front father forty two yearold father that lives in amodio and he found his car vandalized and with all sorts of racist graffiti the vandals scratched onto the car on your hood of his car and the word and they didn't say an word they spelled out and word get out on the hood annan additionally on the trunk of the car move be word and we're all sorts of scratches to this car all over the place this is hatred this is awful i don't know why anyone would do this and they haven't caught the person yet or or the people responsible for this but this is particularly egregious in my view because it reinforces so many negative stereotypes that people have have about the south shore of staten island there have been media portrayals and other other conversations about what what the people in the south shore of staten island to like oh here they're all a bunch of racist trump supporting jerks the don't welcome blacks this is a stereotype and the stigma that i have been forced to to fight my whole life and whoever did this set the cause of promoting staten island promoting staten islanders promoting racial harmony within staten island within the her in particular back so many years so i'm outraged that these vandals are out there and i hate that the nature of their graffiti was racist i want an harvey weinstein he is a total crepe i also want to denounce the women and the people but especially the women like jane fonda that new what harvey weinstein was up to and remain silent i do denounce you uh i wanna denounced the website moments in time dotcom you know what they're doing this weekend there auctioning off a copy.

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