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Bit of a delay 55 North bound heading to the 42 In the cave by w. NewsRadio. 24 HOUR traffic Center. I'm Billy Dawson. Thank you so much, Billy. And now we go to the NBC 11th alert. Five day forecast for that we say good evening to Steve Sauce. The Steve It came off a week where we had a bunch of sunny skies and 70 degrees. That's not happening The next few days. Is it? Yeah, it's Ray Jr October can bring you a lot of changes. And this is more typical of what you would experience in October be cooled down and also a little bit of rain. Now the rain right now is mainly down at the shore, and then we have some Sprinkles and some light rain. Across our suburbs right now, Moving through. Chester County. Looks like moving through extent. Couple showers now moving through Pottstown up through. Ah, the Lansdale area in over two. Quakertown. That's where some of study arenas. Few more showers. Now down here, Jake in town, Addington and then over towards let's say, Warrington, we have those towers out there right now. Those showers will begin to taper off leader on tonight. It will be a slow go of it, though temperatures mainly in the forties. Tomorrow morning. You're waking up and it's kind of damp. Still, we may have some patchy areas of fogs and white rain. But by afternoon, I think that all that comes to an end. And we're up to about 65 degrees for your high tomorrow afternoon as removing the Tuesday that looks like a quiet day. It's not gonna be a sunny day, but at least it won't be raining Temperatures in the lower sixties Wednesday looks decent at 60 degrees as well and then all eyes on a cold front that approaches Thursday, and the reason why It looks like this cold friends going to absorb Tropical Storm Zeta. And what that means is we could have some really heavy rain coming up Thursday into Thursday night and lingering into Friday. This could be a two day rainstorm, along with some gusty winds. Temperatures in the fifties to near 60, and by next weekend, the fall chill is still in the picture. But it looks like a nice sunny Halloween J with a high temperature of 54. Well, thank you so much. The books like tropical storms. Ada will not be so sweet for the city of Philadelphia currently here at 5050504. We've got overcast skies and 52 degrees. Campaign 2020 on K Y w News radio coverage sponsored by Anthology senior Living of King of Prussia. With nine days left until Election Day. The campaign trail is heating up in the battleground states, and that includes right here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Both candidates believe the Keystone State beside this election, and he's KOW Charlotte Reese With Mohr. Nearly half.

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