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Uh at the end of december after the cyber hacking was confirmed and he was like what are we even talking in them for this is ridiculous these intelligence collection facilities on us soil no they shouldn't get them back and yet those talks are happening bizarre margaret thank you for taking time between sean spicer's goodbye party in the sarah huckabee sanders a latest round of lies to talk with us to lots of pictures of the briefing room in your office before the kick you ever ever till netanyahu journal i still do ever used at our twitter finger reduce subs weed them keep up the great work they do a great job gigot but i already ruined overdone i wanna keep doing worshiped ahmadou a final words in worship dumpson ago more showers my grievances we have another half an hour in this room if we want bill told us that we had to be out we have a heart out at ten forty factor they'll talking to might want to hear forget bill here guys that's built our purdue bill nesbitt and he's the man myth and legend staring at him he is my rock he's my touchdown futures while more studio time the first news program in history where this just like what we have so much time let's use at all food vice people love this part this is where the truth and this is the banter guys go see dunkirk joining drew game of thrones recap to who who seriously gone magda the foreign hordes says searcy lancaster it's probably gonna word.

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