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The story goes that Alexander's Alexander's father is not actually King Philip. The second Alexander's father is actually Zeus. Yes he is in fact Demi God of course which not only means. He's unstoppable and people shouldn't try to oppose him. Because you don't WanNa make Zeus angry angry but that she was chosen by the God. This is the best adds to her prestige as well as his and we don't know if she's the one who starts circulating this story or if Alexander is the one who start circulating the story but to me it has they all of the hallmarks of an Olympias production and of course nobody can disprove this storied. And how are you going to prove that. It wasn't Zeus another brush with the Gods in her bedroom room comes later. Olympias has had two children a son and a daughter and the king comes to her bed and finds lines sneaks in her bed. Philip of course is freaked out by this but not as one might think because because there are snakes in his wife's bed that's totally normal. Apparently the problem is maybe these snakes are God. Oh maybe this is a god in bed with his wife and disturb them sure. That's that's some clear thing. So Oh he leaves her alone and he decides. That's it no more visiting Olympia. Says by chamber for me. Okay now how. She's no longer burdened with more pregnancies. More babies she can put all of her effort into raising two children that she has unless Zeus comes knocking again unless Uis comes knocking again but apparently he did not okay if this is also a Olympias production. This is very clever. Yeah she has established her boundaries without ever having to actually push back herself. Yeah cool against the king either way weird and one of the things that she becomes known for snakes in her bed.

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