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So set set this up Michael because you're the one who came up with this assignment for our associate producer Anthony Wright, right because we realized that Anthony being a millennial. He's got some gaps in his knowledge of the culture, right, basically, everything pretty much. Yeah. So he doesn't know any of the great the classic Hollywood movies music. You to only goes to the action pictures. Yeah. The three hour avengers. So I thought well, let's give them into signing. What was that five point five hundred five that movie avengers? Yeah. Okay. Well, that's not we're talking about. So I said, well, we'll give it a sign that we will have him watch a classic Hollywood movie once a week once a week and come in the review. So the first one we picked for him was brought to my favorites is breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn. So tell me how did you go down to blockbuster? I mean, how'd you get? Amazon. Rented for like four bucks. Oh, good. You got to reimburse them, Michael. All right kid has no money. Now, let me could could you follow the plot? Well, yeah, it was it's it's basically romantic comedy. Okay. Okay. And Audrey Hepburn was amazing. Oh, real good. Really good. Really? I'm going to give it a salad three point two out of five bad. What did you like about it? The best part is how the movie wouldn't be now with the that white actor playing the Mickey Rooney. Mickey Rooney outside that he would not translate to now. No. Taken the movie off Amazon. Well, it's very controversial. Because of but I mean, weren't you sort of touched by her plight unit. She's basically a high. Yeah. She's not she's a high class prostitute of the fifty dollars for the broom closet or something. Yeah. That kind of thing and George your ears perked up, and where you touched by how much George part falls deeply in love with her. But she just can't love him back. Yeah. It was it was it was really really good. Like, I hate it. Does actually stay awake and watch it. It was good. Did you find a Jewish girl watching it with me? Very good day Instagram. And also did you didn't you like the beautiful Henry Mancini score? Mine river. Wanna dance? And also, the other thing don't you like the way it.

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