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My guest for today. Johnny moped Johnny. How's IT GOING BUDDY? Good man how're you doing Chris? Good Buddy thanks for joining me on talking Mo- pars. You are a frequent story contributor and I appreciate that a lot and I kind of wanted to get a little bit deeper into your history with moe par. You know I'm always curious to hear people's stories but one aspect of the stories that I really enjoy hearing is how people got started with Moat Parts. So why don't you take us back to the beginning and tell us how you're Mo- par journey started? Well Man I would have to say it was just sort of around me. You know. I didn't really seek it out. It was sort of their my mom's cars her that I grew up in a seventy two charger which I still have to this day. I'm working on trying to get back together for her Back in eighty two my dad well back way up My Dad had a sixty nine or sixty eight dodge charger. Forty four spe- Dana bitching car back. When I was a kid He blew up the motor. It sat when we moved to southern California from northern California. He sold the car off and then we lived with my grandfather for about a year while they saved money to buy their own house and then he went out searching for another charger so he found a sixty eight dodge charger. Which is the Blue Half Today? So in eighty two so as a kid. I grew up on the dukes of Hazzard so That was a huge contributor to. I would say chargers. At least you know Back then it wasn't really like Mo par just I love chargers chargers were my thing and I I got bit by that bug and then I'd say in high school I just happen to have a really close buddy. I mean a friend that I made that was also into Mo- PARSE. His Dad had runners and so he kinda grew up as a plymouth guy and I kind of grew up as a dodge guy. And then that kind of just solidified. The whole Mo- part thing I think from that point on it Kinda spread into other Mo- party now where it was just a Mo part thing but very so your fam- your family were more people or is that just kind of happenstance. I think it was happenstance. I think you know my grandfather had an old dodge pickup Swept LINE LIKE A. I think it was a sixty two three or four something like that. He had a seventy two dodge and it was just. He wasn't necessarily like a hardcore dodge guy or anything just had it. You know My Dad was kind in everything. And even today. He's kind of an everything guy. He's he's more of The old school hot water like loves old Ford Body styles with you know Chevy. V8's 'em but when he got that charger the first one it was He was working at a mechanic shop. He's he was a mechanic by trade and a customer came out from Texas and I guess he blew He. He blew the transmission or blue. The motor or something. Something went wrong with the car. Car was a couple years old or so is financed and the guy just abandoned. The car and my dad worked on fixing it at this shop and the bank. He talked to the bank about buying the car so he ended up buying the car From the bank while this other guy just like abandoned it basically so and I think that sort of solidified for him as far as that's a bad ass car and then why he went out to go buy another one to replace it years later Mary cool so it sounds to me like you've actually kept some of these heirloom cars in the family. Was that like. I'm never getting rid of these cars. These cars are staying around or is it just that it you know. Maybe they're in the project or what Well like my dad's car is definitely needing some love I'm probably not gonNA restored anytime soon. It's not bad enough to restore it. It's definitely rough but I kinda WANNA leave at a ratty muscle car and get it together. My Mom's car had painted and you know putting it together Nice. It's not going to be like some. You know show cards just going to be a nice driver basically But Yeah I'll never sell those. You know a lot of my friends my close friends know I have this I call it the the ring system so I might go through this eventually. Or there's probably guys that have gone through this. You go through these stages where you have so much stuff and you start to think to yourself I need. I have too much. I gotta let go. I'll never finish these. I don't have time for him. Or whatever right and if you're like me and you know you got a lot of cars I know there's a lot of Mo- par guys that have tons of them maybe ten or maybe it's a hundred right so you decide. I gotta get rid of some. What do you do? It's kind of overwhelming. So my ring system. Is You have the cars at the core in the that. You will never get rid of like you. Just put those cars into that area and you don't wrap your head around those because it'll just never happen you know and then you start plotting the cars out to the outer rings till you get to the point where your least loved cars on the most outer ring and you just wrap your head around that one car. Can I get this cargo? Do I WANNA get rid of? It doesn't make sense and then you know. Let the cargo or you decide you. Don't WanNa let it go in he. If you can't let that cargo you know every other car on the inside of that ring is not going to get gone either. You know so. Yeah those cars are at my core. Have my high school car. My Dad's charger. My Mom's charger at sixty coronet. Just been around too long to you. Know it's been through too much with me that I'll probably never get rid of that. One either saw. Gosh okay so we already can tell that you have a lot of parts but before we get into how many you have. Can you tell us about you? Why don't you tell us about the way that rings system I've never actually heard of it? Conceptualize like that but I know that there are a lot of guys that think like that. So it's interesting. How you put it into a thought form as far as you know how you think about it. Because I don't think a lot of people actually thought of it like that but now that I think about like my to mow parts are the two. I are the first to classic mopeds that I've ever bought because I've always wanted classic parts never been in a position never had the money and then finally had enough change scraped up that I could do it and now that have every time I think about getting rid of 'em Always look into the future and I go. You know what I'm going to regret getting rid of the first cars that got my hands on. Yeah and I. I'm not willing to make that sacrifice not yet anyway. It would have to be for something that I want even more but so far. That hasn't come up yet but so I liked. I liked the ring concept. I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA remembered that I wrote it down. Good share it. I'm sure there's people that can use it. 'cause I came up with because I had to I. I kinda got to a point. We were living here. we've got about an Acre so had the space had the room and we were looking at buying a house. This was a couple years back. Actually I've been through this a couple of times so a couple of years ago. We're looking at buying another house smaller property I would have had to downsize. You know and it's like I mean if your car guy like me you know this. It's it's hard if you've got ten cars and you're like what do I do? Which one do I get rid of? You know it's really hard to wrap your head around at all. It's overwhelming in most people. I know that have to go through this. They just sort of shut down mentally shut down. I can't let none of them go. Screw it that's it while doing it. This way was sort of like I can. I can not focus on the inner cars and just worry about the outer cars. Get rid of you know. Wrap your head around the one car and then once you can let go of that car then you go to the next one at some point. Eventually you're going to get close enough to the inner rings where you're like. There's just no way I can never let go of this car in. You know everything inside of that is just not going to happen. You know I'm Outta rings. 'cause I'm only like oh no. I can't do that off. Hey every car I've had I've had a dream around. I've had an idea of how concept of my in my head. You know so. It's sort of like getting rid of your children when you have to get rid of them you know but I did it the time before that in this is around the same. Time that General mayhem like my yard but We were in a position where well you know. We're two thousand and eight was We were kind of on that downward swing. We ended up losing our house We left there around two thousand twelve so it was like a forest downsizing you know so but you still. You still have that core that I still drug over like ten or something now. I know our listeners are probably going did he. Just say general mayhem relaxed. We're GONNA get to that folks. You GotTa wait on that story so before we get into all that. What was your first Mo- par Johnny? It was actually a seventy Chrysler and I believe it was a newport. I I'm not one hundred percent sure if it was a Newport Yorker or A three hundred but. I'm pretty sure it was in Newport It was a four door. I didn't I wasn't trying to buy this car. Wasn't seeking it out you know and we're talk in like this. This was way back. This would've been like around eighty six nine hundred eighty six or so just a kid. We moved from Los Angeles County to Riverside County Riverside's more rural. La's more you know. Obviously city coming out here. I was I befriended a kid up the street. We would ride their bikes around the neighborhood and stuff and he knew this. We went to this place these people he knew you know long story short this Chrysler sitting in the yard. And there's a station wagon sitting in the yard and I already had the mot part bug so it was like I didn't really know what the car was other than. It was like odds of Kool Moe par and I think my friends said something like oh he probably sell them to you and I said really and so we started just bullshit freaking kid at this point. You know it's like I don't have no money I don't have. I don't have a driver's license but We get to talk in and ask. What would you sell those cars? And he goes. Yeah so it was the seventy Chrysler. And it was a seventy two plymouth fury station wagon it the front bumper. Kinda looks like a seventy super be. I mean but thing is up huge boat. He goes yeah so like how much he said. Twenty five bucks each. I'm like WHOA. I can own my own car. So so whole ass we haul ass back to the house and tell. My Dad was like you know whatever like no big deal. It's like it's twenty five bucks you know all right. We'll buy them so we go over there and we drug him home I probably should have tried to get the car. I didn't know anything I know. No mechanics no education. No I knew nothing never turned to wrench other than building model cars and stuff like that and I think my dad might talk me into because he was a mechanic. Like oh you should take the engine apart and rebuild it and Blah Blah Blah which. I should never listened. I should've through gas in it and a battery and then it probably would have fired up and ran you know but I pull the eighty three. I pulled it out and just took it. Apart is just like you know there's still cover any rockers. You know just took it apart and kind of got to see how an engine was put together so that was my very first garden in fact.

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