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Me. Jade filed statements in documents about Chris Moore as with four different police departments in Colorado. According to one of the statements filed in Aurora Jade was in the car with Chris as about four months after Kris spots was born he was supposed to drive her home. But when Christmas has started driving down back roads in another direction from her home Jade jumped out and began running the statement continues. He caught me threw me on the ground. Instead of telling me how much he loved me that I'd put him through hell he was saying all that while he was doing his pants on top of me. I was screaming crying. According to the statement, Chris Meraz, then sexually assaulted her which threatened to tell the police quote. He just laughed and stated no one would believe me. A year and a half later. According to the statement Jade was at her mother's house with Christmas as while Chris spots, still an infant slept on the couch. She told Chris Perez that she wanted him out of her life, and he became angry and punched a hole in the wall. When Jade threatened to call the police, the statement continues crisper as slapped her on the face, and she fell to the ground the baby woke up and began crying, and quote, I tried to get up to call my son when Chris grabbed me by the throat and said that I could never leave. He then started choking me. I remember thinking I was going to die. Chris Moore is then picked up the baby kicked Jade in the stomach and told Jade, and I quote, the statement here. He could kidnap my son so easily that I would never see him again. That better behave myself or he would do it. As soon as I could get away I got away. So Chris, and I moved to Aurora and within weeks big Chris had found me and slashed my tires. He always just wanted to scare me. So he was working at the beef plant Harran town. They have big knifes slice meat. Slicing knifes in less than ten years. Jade moved twelve times trying to get away from Chris Meraz, but he would always find her according to police records crisper is with threaten to kill her and himself if she ever slept with another man, he would call her employers accuser of fraud. He would follow her spider harasser steal things at break into her house. Jay describes one such incident. Boy spent the night at my mom's house the next morning. I was driving home. And as soon as I drove home, I knew something was up because the front gate wasn't close. Like, I had closed it. So I told my kids way right here. Let me go in. And when I went in the living room was fine. The kitchen was fine. But as I went to the bedrooms, I could see in the corner of my eye, my bedroom had the walls had been knifed. All my clothes were on the floor. The dresser drawers were out. My underwear was everywhere and the bed had been stabbed several times. And there was a huge knife left in my bed. When Jade, call the police, they refused to believe that it was Chris Christmas is but years later Christmas, his roommate a man named Mike Gomez came forward to the police and confessed to having written the note for Chris and waited outside for him while he was in Jade's house. I've seen a copy of the note from the Aurora police records and it reads. Hello. I have been watching you. I know where you live. I know where you work. I know where you are all the time. I know where your boyfriend lives, I know where he works. But that doesn't matter because he can't help you. No one. Can I will be watching you? The letter is then signed with an upside down cross. A few days later Jade received another note this one in the mail it read. Hello. How have you been since? I got into your house and seen all of your private thing. And you're fucking boyfriends thing, I have been watching you every day and my lust for you grows deeper. I can't control myself any longer he shall soon be mind. So watch out because I will get you sooner or later. There is a PS the bottom of the note, and it reads when are you going out again, ha ha ha ha? Because I was so terrified I was running like a rat in a cage because I would tell people it was Chris Maras, and even some of my own family would say he loves you. And he loves Christopher and he so nice. And they no one believed the things that were happening was Chris. And I couldn't convince them, you know, people in our church my family members. They didn't believe me. They they said he was such a nice guy. And he could have caught me. He could have caught me. And that's what they would save. Chris wanted to kill you. He would kill you. If he wanted to catch me he could have caught me. He didn't want to catch me. He wanted me to be afraid.

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