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Games. xbox finally announced today. That they're gonNA have their much awaited highly anticipated game showcase. It is on the twenty third of July. And that's coming up. Quick. Way. According. I know where won't be televised Where Mixer Yes Because I think mixture shuts down the day before that. But. It. It's going to be everywhere else and it's GonNa be at noon. Eastern nine Pacific. On the twenty third July they Thursday. Seem a couple of things. First of all, how long do you think the show is GONNA BE? And what's the one thing they can do here? One thing they show that just blows you away. One thing, Yup, if you had to pick one. Well. I think the show is going to be an hour and a half. It needs to be an hour and a half. unless they really don't have that much to show in which case we're GONNA have some problems. But the one thing that they can show that's going to blow me away would be a new fable game with gameplay that's coming out like soon. Doesn't have to be in the fall. But by. Know. February, March or April of next year. I'm thinking. I want to see the game and I WANNA see it. Look Amazing and be awesome and give me super excited. But that's that's mine. What about you? See about the ninety minute when no maybe our fifteen something like that. They're going to go deep into heaven from it. I anticipate we'll see a decent amount of. Forza. which we saw in confirmed. And we'll see a decent amount of cycads I would guess. Given that. One of those blow you away not like we're GONNA get into predictions later. Longest thing why I think it would be the lengthened this. The thing that would blow me away. If they could pull it off, would be announcing the WB Games acquisition. Yeah I mean that's the rumor. So the timing SORTA Kinda maybe lines up. I think it's a stretch I. Really Do I. Think it's more likely. We'd see that announcement a Games com. Yeah I just don't think it's going to be quick to buy. Like. Company because you've got to agree on everything and that takes time and Because let's face it the show right now is mostly done. Yes if not, completely there just tweaking little things at this point. So. I mean I guarantee. There's people south that I've seen this thing like a dozen times writing. For sure you know. So I..

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