Officer, Basketball, Houston discussed on Road Trippin’: Richard vs. Channing


Last night with the brown cobra news about the tree or or i army officer or nate rods hopital of here's a favorite house of red light try to like a leader who knows how now i see the human those in their day when you turn the his betsy i'm not i'm not i'm not a basketball pure sleight because i think that was one of the playoffs right that on her husband hello she gangites he's wrong wassenaar with leonard teams like two or even plastic mommy out of the playoffs i stopped watching mess as other people you're watching it might now have as you as anything else going on in basketball most they'll sell at celebration yeah that i definitely had figured out there but hey guys like yeah we were fifty minutes solid equity nonaligned breaking up guys got stuck on off up masinga sock baz moi has the company ballet ten minutes go he said do foreigners are so funny he said this is the slowest coming down in history you will earn gay south him man you s s a new houston at the un a little use all of these go ahead then then de gay is going to be awful we would go out of play grew up together in that game still wanna be off who sales memorial again guys i wanna give you got inside on the trade deadline that you guys know was going on we looking forward to finish not the season strong so for gerry harris mason plumlee will barge i'm richard jefferson game on an out.

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