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Different you go through that rebuilding process i think we look jimmy has driven with a team who for number of years who has had the support of the hinder organization plus the support of jeff gordon is a teammate they'll junior as a teammate casey kane as teammate so many guys that had tons of experience now jimmy is alone you know he's got chafe elliott we buying and all the moment he's got basically three guys are his teammates that when you said in a room and you start debriefing and downloading and trying to get information they're taking jimmy but they're not giving a lot to jimmy because they're young jeff gordon gave a lot with junior gave a lot on casey cain gave a lot so i think that the the change to the to the new chevy body trying to work it out we've seen any chevy's really jumped to the front of pack and take off and do things i think we're jimmy dead in his career at this point in time he is carrying the whole hinder gorgan bation or trying to even he's not the best car we can't wait out we see chase but yet or somebody else sometimes he's the one that's giving those guys information and helping them so i think it's it's not the best place where jimmy johnson being the point common his career this is the hindalco invasion that's he's driving and always important for that but it's not push a panic button on a guy who's who's of jimmy johnson the forever you wanna talk about ranking somebody jimmy johnson is definitely in my top for pop divers greatest race car drivers of all time.

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