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Place where used to run across the courthouse square to file papers for my dad at the paul brown courthouse with they were all yesterday last uh last night what do i expect well first of all judgment zandt surprised me i mean the questioning for the nfl and their attorneys was difficult it would suggest if you're trying to re between the lines this is a process he thinks was unfair it would suggest it he's inclined to grant temporary restraining order i just don't trust whoa reading between the lines of judges questions they could simply be looked judge berman ruled in favour the nfl pia he questioned the nfl very very heavily i think even on appeal in in second circuit it was very very difficult on the nfl but they ultimately one in terms of the questioning so i don't know which weight's going to go i mean i don't know what which way he would one man knows only one man judge amos ms aunt german tech support from the site of the union they're doing exactly what they need to do correct i have no problem with it's our only option that they have because they lose in these situations with rulings because it goes back to the nfl so they go to court i mean at some point maybe if they think they take enough swings added they can they can get a judge or find a situation where the procedure was wrong and it can't damage you know what this perceived as the power of the nfl nfl win in the longterm right the nfl will win in the fifth circuit or on appeal somewhere else but will they win on this temporary restraining order agree when when what what is eek in the cowboys the nfl pa stand to win in my opinion is two thousand seventeen if that if that restraining orders granted you could expect to see zeke on the field for most if not all two thousand seventeen as the real case gears up.

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