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Gusts up to about 20 Miles an hour. Clear skies tonight 57 Year low at the lake 52 out west 58 degrees 5 30. The cases this year, now, surpassing the total number for all of last year. President Biden will this week talk about the virus, the White House says. Tomorrow, President Biden will unveil a new six pronged strategy to fight the delta variant of the coronavirus and to boost vaccinations. He's expected to urge more companies to impose vaccine mandates. BBC's Elizabeth Scholesy 75% of all U. S adults have now received at least one shot. The virus continues affecting Children, though we had a record new covid cases in Children over a quarter of a million new cases just last week, Stanford emergency medicines Doctor Lolly Garabedian, a new ABC News Washington Post poll shows 49% of Americans think the U. S is safer now from a terror attack than it was before 9 11 a decade ago, the number was 64% the Taliban is named the members of its caretaker government. The State Department says it is concerned by the track records of some of the individuals. There are no women in the Cabinet at all. Sherry Preston ABC News, citing unlimited WTMJ news time 5 31 from the WTMJ breaking news center health officials keeping an eye on a new strain of coronavirus. It's making its way across the country and the world. It's the new variant of the virus. Medical College of Wisconsin President and CEO Dr John Raymond tells Wisconsin's afternoon news. You have a constellation of different mutations that might make it more contagious, like Delta, or maybe even more contagious than Delta and the Muse strain has been detected in 49 states. Very, very low numbers, and it's more prevalent in other countries like Colombia, and it's been detected in 40 countries. Melissa Barkley WTMJ News walkie public schools, weighing options over whether to mandate covid 19 vaccines for Staffers. TMJ four is Ryan Jenkins with more and at the same time they are toying around with the idea of offering incentives include cash as well as paid time off some MPs merchandise gift cards, Raffles and PS is estimating that if they would offer $100 per person, the district would end up paying more than $4 million if all of those who are eligible end up being vaccinated school board expected to take up the issue at its meeting tomorrow night, State Senator Steve Nass asking the Legislature's Republican Leaders to sue the university Wisconsin system after officials from that system refused to submit Covid 19 protocols to his committee for approval. Senator sending a letter Tuesday to Assembly speaker Robin Boss and Senate Majority Leader Devin Lemon Hue demanding they filed a lawsuit forcing university leaders to submit their policies to his panel. As of now, no official suit has been filed. There are some new guidelines for kids as we approach flu season, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all Children six months and older get vaccinated for flu this fall. In previous years about 80% of Children who died from the flu had not received the vaccine. The A P says the flu vaccine is especially important during the Covid pandemic. Wendy Gillette, CBS News New York Coming up the man behind Crimen and company gets his due, Citing unlimited wtmj news time. 5 33. Well, I have enough money. Am I going to be OK as a certified financial planner? These are the most common questions.

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